Fitistan Shoulder Tap Challenge – Results

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    It was a straightforward exercise that anyone of any age could do without the use of any extra equipment. It was an excellent opportunity to join the fitness craze and concentrate on self-improvement. And we are glad to inform you that we witnessed a varied spectrum of individuals, each of whom demonstrated tremendous enthusiasm. Continue reading to learn more about this intriguing contest and its winners. While some of you did a good job finishing the project, a few of you completely blew everyone away with your precision, talent, flair, and pace. Congratulations to everyone, even if you don’t think you won. You already won when you decided to take on this challenge.

    Let us now look at the winner.

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    1. Rakesh Roshan – 276

    Only certificate winner of 1st July Challenge

    1. Kuldeep Guha Mazumber – 210
    2. Ram Dayal Singh – 205
    3. Mohit Vats – 204
    4. Harmeek Singh – 180


    1. Meenakshi Ahuja – 200
    2. Tina Jain – 195
    3. Alpana Singh – 193
    4. Anissa Nabi – 190
    5. Riya Panjwani – 176


    Tara Rathod (65 yrs) – 153

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    Special/Inspiring winner and 1st 2nd & 3rd winner get Certificate & Fast&Up hamper. The 4th & 5th winners get a certificate.

    (One person wins Hamper only once every month)

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