Esha Gupta stays healthy with this core workout, and here’s why you should too

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    Crunches, torso twists, planks, and kneeling lateral raises: here’s how to build a core like the 2007 Miss India International winner.

    Esha Gupta is a mysterious woman with several skills. She’s beauty and intelligence in one stunning package, partaking in the most healthy of pursuits, and we’re here to witness it. The Jannat 2 actress is a fitness fanatic who frequently shares her energising exercise videos on Instagram. She does everything with evident zest and vim, whether she is hiking, lazing in the sun on her lawn, or working out with her trainer at the gym.


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    Most people think about crunches, bicycle kicks, sit-ups, and the like when they hear the phrase “core,” but we can tell you that the core of your body is much more than that. Core workouts are critical for total physical health and fitness. The muscles in the belly, back, and pelvis play an important part in supporting the body’s motions and maintaining good posture. Not only for aesthetic reasons but establishing a strong core may provide you with a plethora of other advantages. These are some of the primary advantages of using core workouts in your fitness routine.

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    Esha Gupta stays healthy with this core workout, and here's why you should too

    Better posture and balance

    A strong core workout can assist to stabilise the spine and keep it in appropriate alignment, minimising pressure on the neck and back muscles and improving posture. Strengthened core muscles also imply that your body can carry its weight better, which improves your overall balance.

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    Improved performance

    When participating in a sport such as a tennis, football, basketball, or even swimming, one must use their limbs to exert power. A strong core workout keeps your spine in a neutral posture and stabilises it, giving you the capacity to create force in such motions safely and efficiently.

    Increased adaptability

    The splits you’ve always desired are just a stone’s throw away if you train your core regularly since it enhances your range of motion in the lower back and hips. This also aids in the development of limb flexibility.

    Back pain relief

    Sure, we understand your anguish. Back discomfort affects everyone, regardless of age. A strong core workout can help relieve lower back pain by improving posture and lowering the tension in the back muscles.

    Injury risk is reduced

    Training your core will assist develop your stomach and back muscles, which will aid you in your daily motions.

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