Kriti Sanon takes on the difficult Treadmill Core Challenge in a new exercise video. Can you do it?

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    Kriti Sanon shared a hard workout video in which she attempted a touch Treadmill Core Challenge at the gym. Watch the video inside to see why you should do the same.

    Kriti Sanon has always maintained a healthy lifestyle. Her recent interest in sharing her fitness progress with social media followers has launched her into an inspirational figure among admirers. To keep healthy, the singer avoids committing to a single fitness routine. Instead, she experiments with numerous regimens such as Pilates, yoga, strength training, core-building exercises, and others. Kriti’s most recent video shows her taking on a difficult core workout. Continue reading to see the clip and get your dose of midweek inspiration.

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    Kriti Sanon uploaded a video of herself on Instagram on Tuesday with the description, “And you thought treadmills were only for walking or running? Let’s Do It Tribal Style! @karansawhney11, next time we’ll increase the pace of the #TreadmillCoreChallenge.” Kriti is seen executing a plank on the treadmill with a twist in the video. Kriti, clad in a patterned racerback sports bra and black shorts, begins by balancing a double-wheel roller tool on a moving treadmill while keeping a plank posture with a neutral back. She completes the program while activating her core and breathing properly. Watch the video below.


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    Kriti’s followers filled the comments section with admiration when she shared the video. “Speeds are definitely going up next time,” her trainer said. “Excellent,” one user said. “Fitness queen and inspiring hero to all of us,” added another. “The way you encourage everyone for fitness,” one fan said. “This is CRAZY,” another admirer remarked.

    Core Workout Advantages: 

    Core exercises increase your balance and stability while also training the muscles in your core to operate together. Core fitness regimens are essential whether one is on the sports field or participating in daily activities. A strong core also implies less injury, less back discomfort, better lifting techniques, better posture, and greater athletic performance.

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