5 Anti-Ageing Facial Yoga Exercises

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    Namaste, or should we say ‘Nama-slay’? Everyone wishes they had Bella Hadid’s perfectly symmetrical face and Kendall Jenner’s stunning almond eyes. Not everyone, however, can afford to burn a hole in their pocket. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Facial yoga may give you skin that looks to be ageless!

    Let us begin with the rich soil of Indian culture, where yoga has its origins. Facial yoga blends massage, treatment, acupressure, exercises, and meditation to produce anti-ageing skin results that are both safe and effective. Facial yoga requires only your hands.

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    Here are some very simple hand gestures that can help you get a look that is better than cosmetic surgery:

    Sculpted cheeks

    The sculpted cheeks exercise focuses on high cheekbones as well as a firm and sculpted cheek region. It can be used as an alternative to lower face lifts and cheek botox.

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    1. Place your index and middle fingers at the base of your face.
    2. Massage your fingertips up the edges, starting with the index fingers near the smile lines and settling around the nose.
    3. The middle fingers are then propelled up the cheeks.
    4. As the fingers travel up the face, they form a V shape.
    5. Repeat the gesture for a minute.

    5 Face Yoga Exercises For a Sculpted Jawline and Chiseled Cheekbones

    The V

    This gives an upper facelift that can be used to correct drooping eyelids, puffiness, and crow’s feet (wrinkles near the outer corner of the eyes).

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    1. Hold both middle fingers together from the periphery of the eyebrows, then create pressure on the outside corners of the brows with the index fingers.
    2. Turn your gaze to the ceiling and pucker the skin beneath your eyes upwards, then relax.
    3. Repeat six times more, finishing by shutting your eyes shut hard for ten seconds.The V - Facial Yoga

    Forehead smoothening

    Through this facial yoga form, you can reduce fine wrinkles and horizontal forehead creases, as well as prevent those drooping eyelids. It relieves tension and relaxes the muscles in the forehead. It can be used as a substitute for botox.

    1. It’s a straightforward task. Simply form a fist with both hands, fingers facing towards you.
    2. Apply slight pressure with the knuckles of your middle fingers at the centre of your forehead.
    3. Make fists on each side of the brow, and drag downwards with mild force finishing at the temples. 
    4. If you are uncomfortable using your knuckles, try doing the exercise with your fingertips. 

    Forehead Smoothener - Facial Yoga

    The third eye smoothner

    For reducing squint lines between eyebrows and diminishing fine lines, Third Eye Softener is the easiest variation of facial yoga.

    This is the most basic workout, yet it works miracles. Simply put your index finger between your brows and softly push (at the place of the unibrow). Repeat for about a minute.Third Eye Softener - Facial Yoga

    The giraffe/neck yoga

    To achieve a lovely, even neck and to reduce drooping skin around the throat, this facial yoga encourages circulation and shoulder opening, resulting in an attractive posture.

    1. Carefully raise your head backwards.
    2. Then softly tap your fingertips all over the front of your neck.
    3. Slowly work your way up to the cheeks, around the lips, softly beneath the eyes, and onto the temples.
    4. This should take approximately a minute.The Giraffe - Facial Yoga


    Face Yoga is practised throughout India and has lately acquired favour in the Western world. These tiny miracle activities have delayed ageing in a large number of people. Perfecting and implementing these into your regular life will yield fantastic benefits in 2 to 4 months.

    Everyone’s facial structure and texture are different, and it takes a different length of time for the effects to emerge, but they will surely show if you are persistent. Feel confident in your skin, you wonderful human!

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