The Fitistan Knee To Elbow Challenge Results We All Were Waiting For!

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    Fitistan Friday Challenge guarantees that you get your daily dose of activity. The idea is to keep your body moving and dancing to the rhythm of life, rather than being sedentary! Last week’s challenge was definitely eye-catching. When a favourite exercise is made into a workout, the fun is multiplied. We witnessed the participants thoroughly appreciate the challenge, as we expected. We’re thrilled you enjoyed the challenge; now it’s our chance to please you, so here are the winners: 


    1. Harmeek Singh – 229
    2. Rakesh Roshan – 225 (Only certificate winner of 4th Sep Challenge
    3. Prashant Kumar – 175
    4. Ram Dayal Singh – 170 (Only certificate winner of 11th Sep Challenge)
    5. Bheeshm Gupta – 165 (Only certificate winner of 4th Sep Challenge) 


    1. Archana S Kadam – 185
    2. Dr. Riya Panjwani – 180 (Only certificate winner of 4th Sep Challenge) 
    3. Kuljit kour – 175
    4. Tina S Jain – 165
    5. Snehal V Nikam – 160


    Astha Kumar (11yrs) – 175

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    Special / Inspiring Winners and 1st, 2nd, 3rd Winners get a Certificate with a Fast&Up Hamper & 4th, 5th Winners get a Certificate.

    (One Person Wins A Hamper Only Once Every Month)

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