Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s Balance And Flexibility Improvement

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    By preference, she is a fitness fanatic- While she has received recognition for her acting prowess in several Telugu films and the Bollywood serial Family Man 2, she is most known for her passion for fitness.

    Exhausting gym sessions

    The 35-year-old works out at the gym on a daily basis. She engages in numerous activities with the assistance of her trainer, Junaid Shaikh, to improve her cardiovascular health and muscle strength. But here’s what she does to enhance her flexibility and balance!

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    Yoga on the trapeze

    Trapeze yoga is an effective yoga inversion tool for controlling breathing, increasing flexibility, and improving balance. Aerial yoga has various advantages, including the fact that it not only burns calories but also increases flexibility.

    Balancing on her palms

    Early in the pandemic, Samantha also took to Instagram and shared an image where she balances her body on her palms. Yoga has been a great practice for her to improve her wellness and fitness.

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    Animal Flow

    She also does animal flow exercises, which resemble yoga asanas but are more intrinsic and athletic in character. It is, nevertheless, enjoyable, difficult, and effective.

    Performing a headstand

    Previously, the actress tweeted photos of herself performing a headstand, which is claimed to strengthen the upper body, spine, and core.

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    Strength training is essential

    While strength training is a fantastic method to bulk up, it may also help with balance and coordination. She does a variety of weight training routines, from dumbbell lunges to barbell deadlifts

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