Slouching The Whole Day? Fix Your Posture With These 3 Types Of Exercises

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    Poor posture develops over time, and it might be difficult to recognise when you begin to hunch over. However, you may begin to experience neck and back pain as well as stiffness. Luckily, by performing the stretches and exercises shown below, you can help rectify your poor posture. Continue reading for more information and directions on how to properly perform each stretch.

    Exercising while standing
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    These motions for a proper posture may be done in an elevator while standing in line, or while waiting for your lunch to cook up in the microwave in the workplace kitchen.

    High Five in reverse

    Shrug your shoulders up towards your ears while standing tall, then relax them down. Face the back of the room with your palms. As if you’re trying to give someone a double high five, press your hands back. Pulse ten times and then take a break.

    An opener of the Chest
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    Slouching The Whole Day? Fix Your Posture With These 3 Types Of Exercises

    Clamp your hands behind your back and press down towards the ground while stretching your arms away from the back of your body to stretch the front of your body. To feel a stretch across your chest, open your chest and lift your head up. Hold for 5 breaths before letting go.

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    Exercising while seated

    These workouts are ideal for use in the workplace for proper posture! These stretching and strengthening exercises can be done while sitting at your desk in an upright chair.

    Squeeze the Goalposts

    Raise your arms into a goalpost position while sitting upright, with your elbows bent at a 90-degree angle and even with your shoulders. Pull your elbows towards the rear of the room while relaxing your shoulders. As you exercise the upper back, picture compressing a marble between your shoulder blades. Release. Rep 10 times more.

    Armpit Extensor

    Slouching The Whole Day? Fix Your Posture With These 3 Types Of Exercises

    Reach your arms out to the sides and up and above, clasping your hands at the top to open up your chest. To stretch the chest and armpits, stretch the arms up and then bend the elbows towards the rear of the room. Hold for a breath, then straighten your arms out again. Rep 10 times more.

    Exercises on the floor

    These exercises can be done on a yoga mat, rug, or even in bed in the comfort of your own home for a proper posture!

    Miniature Cobra

    Place your hands flat on the ground under your shoulders while lying down on your stomach. Squeeze your inner thighs together and pull your navel in towards your spine. Your brow should be resting on the earth. This is where you’ll begin. Pretend you’re pushing a stone forward with your nose, and lift your shoulders and chest off the ground by pressing down with your palms. Maintain a bent elbow position. To work your upper back, even more, squeeze your shoulder blades together. Slowly lower yourself to the ground, laying your forehead on the ground. This should be done ten times.

    Stretching with Arm Rolls

    Slouching The Whole Day? Fix Your Posture With These 3 Types Of Exercises

    Reach your right arm out to the right, directly in line with your heart, while lying down on your stomach.

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