Secrets Behind Adele’s Weight Loss

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    When Adele released her song “Hello” in 2015, it’s possible she was talking about her amazing weight loss transformation in 2020, literally, the other side. 2020 was a year when some fit people became unfit, and some unfit dropped some pounds. Our very own Rolling In The Deep fame Adele was one of few who took the internet by storm, shedding 7 stones altogether.

    “I know I look really, really different since you last saw me, but actually because of all the COVID restrictions and the travel bans, I had to travel light and only bring half of me, and this is the half I chose”, said Adele at a show she hosted.

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    All things aside, how did Adele lose so much weight? She was kind enough to share her weight loss secrets instead of keeping us all in the dark. The Singer went through a heartbreaking divorce in 2019 with Simon Konecki and announced that 2020 would be her year.


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    While on her weight loss journey, Adele followed a “strict” diet which was plant-based but also inclusive of red wine & chocolates known as the Sirtfood diet. These foods are high in sirtuins which increase metabolism & regulate inflammation, the best friends of a person wanting to shed some pounds.

    This diet plan has been prevalent before but definitely became popular after the Singer’s transformation. While she had to drop some of her favorite drinks such as a sugary tea (which she was drinking at least 8 cups of in a day) , she was still happy that at least she had chocolate!

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    However, Adele was not alone in her weight loss journey. She had a personal trainer, Pete Geracimo, also an old friend with her at every step guiding her in the right direction. According to Pete, making your workout as inclusive as possible is the best. Changing it up every 2 weeks or a month makes your body and yourself more excited for the gym session.


    Adele followed a series of training sessions including weightlifting (sometimes), at home workouts, pilates & HIIT.  Her workout plan is representative of how versatile her regimen is. “Staying patient, eating the right foods, and making the right choices will enable you to stay at your weight for a longer period of time”, says her trainer. He also emphasized on the post-workout routine of giving your body time to rest and fixing your sleeping schedule. 

    Adele mentioned that “Her weight has nothing to do with her career” and she did not feel pressurized to drop the weight as her audience would love her whether skinny or not.  People praised Adele for preaching a sustainable way of losing weight rather than crash dieting inclusive of a plethora of health hazards which do more harm than any good for your body.

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