Coffee Diet for Weight Loss?

Your cup of coffee may be doing more than just waking you up in the morning. It may also be helping you to lose weight. This is what the coffee diet says.

Drinking a cup of coffee can stimulate ‘brown fat’. This fat is the body’s fat-fighting defence. Researchers say that this could be the key to fighting obesity and diabetes.

The main function of this fat is to generate body heat by burning calories. People with a lower body mass index (BMI) have a higher amount of brown fat.

Coffee can cause major health issues. Antioxidants in this brew can prevent cell damage and protect you from a number of diseases. Caffeine in coffee stimulates your central nervous system, heart and muscles.


Sipping on this brew can apparently also reduce your risk of kidney diseases, improve memory and mood and cure gut inflammation. It is only now that the weight loss benefits of drinking coffee are doing the rounds.

It is said that a cup of black coffee may be enough to burn 9 calories in an hour. One reason could be that caffeine suppresses appetite. But experts say that once your body develops a tolerance to caffeine, drinking this beverage alone will not help you lose weight. But to get the benefits, you have to drink it black and without sugar.

THE COFFEE DIET FOR WEIGHT LOSSThree cups of coffee in a day can not only help prevent diseases but may also help you burn fat. This is because coffee boosts your metabolism and rejuvenates cardiovascular function while encouraging weight loss. Maximum weight loss benefits, you must restrict your calorie intake to 1500 a day. He also says that you must try and consume those calories in the form of lean proteins, unrefined grains, vegetables and fruits.