Why You Should Not Wear These 5 Things To The Gym

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    Gym is a very social place, a place where there are high chances to barge into someone you know from the same locality. Who does not like looking their best everywhere they go? What If you meet an old friend? A Colleague maybe? You would want to look presentable. But gym demands for a different type of presentable which is different from a layman’s perspective.

    How would you feel running on the treadmill at 10 KMPH while wearing earrings, a necklace and a full face of makeup? Or wearing such tight clothes that you are cautious every time you bend down or stretch too far? As hard as the workout itself is, all these things will only make it harder, and no one wants that.

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    Here are 5 things you should never wear to the gym:-

    1. Baggy Clothes
      While they are very comfortable, working out in baggy clothes might come in the way for optimal range of motion while exercising. It might be a safety hazard as your t-shirt might get stuck on some exercising equipment preparing you for a big fall! If you feel conscious about your body, just know everyone starts somewhere. Studies have shown that wearing clothes that fit your body in the right places makes you feel confident and boosts your performance by a lot more than you can imagine.
      5 Things You Should Never Wear To The Gym
    2. Ditch the Perfume
      No one at the gym cares if you smell like a rose today. Wearing cologne at the gym is basically pointless. Not only are you wasting good perfume, but the scent mixed with your sweat also is not something you wish your or others’ nose to experience. Maintaining good body hygiene is more than enough.
    3. Casual Footwear
      While we all have a favorite pair of shoes that we wear everywhere, the gym is certainly an exception. Just like trekking demands a different type of shoes, so does the gym. Wearing everyday shoes to the gym may not provide your feet the support they need thus leading to injuries. Plus, no one wants to ruin their favorite shoes by scuffing them on gym equipment!
    4. Cotton T-shirts
      While we all have a truckload of cotton t-shirts in our closet and they feel like an easy pick and go, they might actually make your workout worse if anything else. Cotton absorbs and retains moisture i.e sweat in the case of exercising. You will be left with a heavy-hanging t-shirt at the end, and nobody wants that.
      Why You Should Not Wear These 5 Things To The Gym
    5. Ladies Special: An everyday bra
      “Can I wear my everyday bra to the gym?” You can, but you certainly should not. A normal bra fails to provide the amount of support one needs jumping around the gym. Not only is this very uncomfortable, but it might make you perform at a bar lower than your capability. Invest in some good sports bras for better performance & see the improvement in case you’re working out in your regular bras.

    Gym is a place where everyone should feel comfortable and not feel like they are in some competition of who looks the best. Wear clothes you feel your best in. Invest in some good shoes and workout attire and do your best.

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