Sameera Reddy Sending Us The Regular Dose Of Fitness Motivation 

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    Don’t feel like working out? Sameera Reddy feels it’s fine to do so. The actor, who posts inspiring fitness videos every Friday charting her weight-loss journey, took to Instagram to update her followers on her mental and physical health, as well as why she wishes to take a break.

    “Some days, like today, I don’t want to move one inch,” she explained.
    The mother-of-two further stated that ladies frequently approach her, inquiring as to where she has the energy to “dance with her kids” and “make culinary videos with her saas (mother-in-law).”

    Sameera talks about her issues

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    “I’m hormonal, I have PMS, and there have been days — indeed, this [whole] week — when I haven’t been able to pull it together. But that’s the great part: being able to accept it and then move on. “And then taking small measures to maintain that pattern so that you don’t fall off the waggon,” Sameera said in a video, adding that it is good to “become fatigued,” but that you must then “get up and begin moving.”

    “Trying to remain on the waggon, Moody?” Hormonal? Or simply exhausted. It’s natural, and I’m remaining on track while keeping in mind that I have bad days.”
    “#fitnessfriday #inspiration is also about being honest with ourselves since only being fully connected with your body and mind can get you on a healthy habit,” the actor posted on Instagram.

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    Meanwhile, her comment area was flooded with supportive remarks from individuals who congratulated her for raising awareness of this genuine and relatable issue. Someone wrote, “I needed this, thank you.”
    “I’m so relieved to hear we’re not alone,” said another.
    “This was much needed to hear.”
    “I can’t thank you enough for always keeping it honest. To be honest, my exercise or anything else regimen flies out the window for those few days, and I don’t let myself feel bad… That’s the best I can do,” another person wrote.

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    How has your workout programme been going?

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