Dr. Mickey Mehta shows how you can gain muscles without slogging in the gym

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    Circuit training and complex body motions like as lateral pull downs, single bar, parallel bar-like lunges with dumbbells, and a mix of exercises can boost the effectiveness of a workout. According to holistic fitness instructor Dr Mickey Mehta, you can do all of this in one-third of the time you spend on weight training and receive the same results.

    Weight training became popular throughout the previous 100 to 200 years. People used to engage in strenuous physical tasks such as ploughing fields or engaging in physical contact sports such as wrestling.

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    Mickey Mehta writes-

    Dr. Mickey Mehta shows how you can gain muscles without slogging in the gym

    Weight training transitioned to strength training and became a component of gym routines in the 1960s and 1970s only after weightlifting became an Olympic event in 1896. Basically, this type of exercise employs gravity in the form of weighted bars, dumbbells, or stacks to resist the force created by muscle and rebuild it. Weight training employs a wide range of specialised equipment to target particular muscle groups and movement patterns.

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    Now, Edith Cowan University’s studies appear to imply that such tough activity may not be necessary as much. They discovered that one form of muscular contraction works best for growing muscle strength and growth.

    In other words, we might be able to reduce the weights while still getting the same results. Extremely heavy weightlifting is not sustainable in the long run. Cutting the weight by half and performing it in your exact comfort zone is just as effective as increasing reps with regulated breathing – exhaling while flexing, inhaling when relaxing, and stretching for opening up. Circuit training, which involves working out all of your body parts at once 3-4 times a week for 20-25 minutes, can yield excellent benefits. Circuit training and complex body motions such as lateral pull downs, single bar, parallel bar lunges with dumbbells, and a mix of exercises can boost the worth of a workout.

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    You can do all of this in one-third the time you spend weight training and have the same results. Everyone is unique, and every one has distinct workout requirements. To witness the end effect, one must maintain awareness and constantly change sets or weights.

    Tips by Mickey Mehta

    To build muscular endurance, repetitions must be increased – (that is the ability of a muscle or muscle group to perform repetitive contractions against a force for an extended period of time). To improve muscle growth and strength, heavy weights and fewer reps are employed.

    It is critical how you transport weights. Lowering them is more crucial since muscle gain and strengthening occur when the weights are brought down slowly and regulated. It also aids in the formation of connective tissues and the prevention of damage.

    I’m not talking about HIIT here; I’m talking about circuit training and covering all body parts 3-4 times per week at submaximal capacity for maximum shape, agility, endurance, and strength.

    It would be really beneficial to practise abs, planks, Surya namaskar, and a lunge walk in between weight training sessions. Squats and steps 10 times each can be gradually increased.

    Forward, backward, sideways, and twisting turning can also be beneficial. For the upper body, I (Dr. Mickey Mehta) prescribe hand-raising and shoulder press exercises, and leg raises for the lower body. These few adjustments may elevate your exercise to a whole new level.

    A crisp 20-25 minute workout with lighter weights, diversified body parts, rapid sets, and clever recoveries provides a greater impact. Here are a few complex workouts you can do without any equipment:

    Burpee Lunge advised by Dr. Mickey Mehta

    • Raise your hands. 
    • Jump up and then lean down with your hands on each side of your legs. 
    • Do a push-up after returning to the plank position. 
    • Return your legs, then lunge with alternate legs.

    Vashisthasana push-up pose by Dr. Mickey Mehta

    • Do standard push-ups
    • Then come up, turn, and raise your right hand up
    • Then repeat on the other side.

    Squat followed by a double lunge by

    Dr. Mickey Mehta

    • Lie down and squat. 
    • Take a lunge with your right leg forward and a lunge with your left leg back. 
    • Rep using your left leg. 
    • As a variant, add a twist with a lunge. 

    These complex motions aid in the enhancement of blood flow, bodily systems, and organs.

    Diet is also crucial if you want to develop your strength to an extremely high degree. It, protein consumption is essential for excessive strength, and if you are taking it for a specific goal, you must do so under supervision. Mantras such as no bingeing, late-night meals, and being in the safe zone of digestion, evacuation, and appropriate clean bowel movements must be followed.

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