Let’s have a look at the diet of the God of Cricket, Sachin Tendulkar, who celebrated his birthday yesterday

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    Sachin Tendulkar, one of the finest batters in the world, has pretty basic dietary habits. Even after ending one of the most renowned sports careers, he, like any athlete, places high importance on eating to stay in shape.  Yesterday was Sachin Tendulkar’s birthday, so let’s look at his nutrition regimen, which is straightforward yet effective.  

    The Super Diet Plan of Sachin 

    The partitioning of nutrients is the key component of every diet strategy. 40% of Sachin Tendulkar’s diet consists of carbohydrates, followed by 30% of fats and 30% of protein. He gets enough calories from this to keep healthy and active. 

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    Reducing meals that stress the digestive tract is the slogan of the Sachin Tendulkar diet plan. The cricket player only consumes steamed or boiled dishes when travelling and stays away from fatty stuff. 

    Let's have a look at the diet of the God of Cricket, Sachin Tendulkar, who celebrated his birthday yesterday

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    He begins each day with light, simple-to-digest steamed dishes. Simple milk-based porridge with a few raisins on top is Sachin Tendulkar’s go-to breakfast dish. A cup of tea or fresh fruit juice is then served in its place. The intense fitness regimen Sachin Tendulkar follows during the day is well documented. His favoured method of exercising is this way. So, to keep him fueled, a strong exercise is followed by a protein drink after breakfast. 

    A typical post-breakfast snack is a simple grilled fish sandwich or a bowl of fruits with soft cheese. This provides him with just enough energy and fuel to last until his next meal. 

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    Sachin has a desi soul. So a lunch that contains roti, dal, and some protein qualifies as a substantial supper. Lentils or dal are examples of vegetarian proteins that Sachin Tendulkar eats. He does, however, serve fish with every substantial meal in order to maintain a greater consumption. He also consumes a dish of salad, a handful of mixed nuts, and seeds. 

    Curd in a cup is served to round out the meal. Sachin returns to varan bhat when he is gone for an extended amount of time travelling. It takes the place of his regular diet and aids in his recovery from the abundance of foreign foods he often gorges on when abroad. A straightforward staple of Maharashtrian cooking called varan bhat is cooked with hot rice, spiced moong dal, and a generous amount of ghee. He said in an interview that dal and rice were surprisingly popular meals for many English footballers.

    After-Lunch Snack

    Post-lunch was often the time for training and exercise while he was still in the game. So, throughout this period, just water with some electrolytes was ingested. 


    Ordinarily, lunch and dinner are identical. He likes trying new places and foods, too and is well known for experimenting with his meals while he is having dinner with his family and friends. Most people are unaware of Sachin Tendulkar’s talent as a chef. So, on exceptional occasions, a bowl of his handmade fish curry with rice is a go-to supper choice. His mother had passed down this recipe to him. The tastiest fish curry she has ever tasted, according to his wife Anjali, he boasts. 

    Favourite cheat day foods 

    Sachin Tendulkar enjoys vada pav on a regular basis, just like other Maharashtrians. He has specific tastes in foods. The batsman enjoys red chutney, a tiny bit of green chutney, and some imli chutney with his vada pav. 

    Another Maharashtrian dish is a close second on Sachin Tendulkar’s list of favourite foods. A lemon squeezed over misal pav makes a fantastic breakfast and snack. He even included a video of his go-to meal in an Instagram post that said, “Be it Sunday or Monday, I will take misal pav any day.”

    Local seafood dishes are frequently served at events like family gatherings and Sachin Tendulkar’s birthday parties. Prawn masala is one of his favourite Indian recipes. Kheema Paratha and Lassi are two other regional foods that he includes in his cheat day meals. 

    Additionally, Sachin is known to like Japanese cuisine, particularly sushi and sashimi. He even introduced Suresh Raina, a teammate, to Japanese food. 

    A nutshell 

    We wish our favourite cricketer a year filled with delicious cuisine on the occasion of Sachin Tendulkar’s birthday. Despite his strict eating habits, Sachin constantly advocates for a healthy balance and frequent exercise. As you can see, he enjoys eating a lot while maintaining his physical fitness. That is thus excellent advice. Don’t you think so? 

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