Tiger Shroff with his flawless body has made quite a stir in the profession ever since he entered it. He has muscular arms and shoulders, as well as appealing ripped abs! Who wouldn’t want that? We don’t have a genie to provide us with a gorgeous body overnight, but much like Tiger Shroff, we can work hard and commit ourselves to get that bOdY! Serve it up.

Master the exercise movements of Bollywood’s fittest celebrity, Tiger Shroff; it won’t be simple, but taking it on as a challenge is fun, right? While you’re getting set to pump up his motions, play the Jawani anthem from SOTY-2.

Weight training

Tiger Shroff - Secret To His Flamboyant Body, All Ears Here Please!

Tiger devotes most of his time to muscle and strength training, which he conducts in a variety of leg and arm variants. He works out with weights, which helps him build and develop his upper body strength. Tiger’s weight training routine includes arm exercises such as bicep curls, reverse curls, one arm swings, cross-body hammer curls, barbell curls, lying triceps press, and so on. Tiger also works out his upper and core bodies with deadlifts, bench presses, pull-ups, push-ups, and lateral raises.

Gymnastics and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)

Tiger Shroff - Secret To His Flamboyant Body, All Ears Here Please!

We’ve all seen Tiger move so smoothly; his suppleness makes us question whether he even has bones! Years and years of practising gymnastics, which is a proven strategy to enhance strength, mobility, and flexibility, are the key to his incredible flexibility. Gymnastics has a number of other benefits, including the ability to balance the mind and body while strengthening the core.

Tiger likes MMA for cardio since it helps to develop the muscles while also burning calories. It also aids in the sharpening of reflexes and the improvement of mind-body synergy.


Tiger Shroff - Secret To His Flamboyant Body, All Ears Here Please!

You’ve definitely seen Tiger in action sequences before, and you’ll drool over his action moments in Student of the Year 2. We all know they are scripted moves with a lot of cinematic effects, but did you realise Tiger can do it in real life as well?

Tiger has been training in kickboxing since he was a child. Kickboxing is a wonderful full-body exercise that mixes cardio and a few MMA manoeuvres. During action situations, it helps Shroff develop his core by using full-body muscles and working on his balance, coordination, flexibility, reflexes, and so on. Kickboxing is an excellent cross-training activity that assists Tiger in reducing stress and maintaining proper posture.

Tiger Shroff's power diet

Tiger has been making action movies since his debut, which necessitates him maintaining an extraordinarily toned figure, almost like a superhero (remember the film – A Flying Jatt?). Tiger, like any other Athlete, follows a strict diet that is low in carbs and high in protein. Shroff followed a caveman’s diet free of sugar, rice, and grains during SOTY-2. Tiger exclusively eats fruits, veggies, and animal proteins. Tiger enjoys ice cream and chocolate on his cheat days on Sundays to break up the diet monotony. Imagining such a manly guy eating ice cream is a sight to behold, don’t you think?