Yash Vardhan Swami (often referred to as YVS) is an Indian transformation and wellness coach. He is well-known for his expertise and large clientele, which includes everyone from teenagers to businesses to celebrities. He shared his thoughts and described what true body positivity entails.

So, what are his thoughts on current fitness trends and movements?

Well, anytime a new trend emerges, there are two types of people who react differently. The first are those who understand the trend and profit from it, while the second are those who do not comprehend the trend or mislead/misuse it to deceive others, including themselves. The same is true for every trend or movement.

Let’s speak about what isn’t body positivity before we go into body positivity

  1. We are emotional beings, thus we shouldn’t just post on Instagram for likes and followers.
  2. Hiding insecurities by sharing on Instagram. Many of us use it now, and while it is a personal choice, let’s take a look at what’s going on.
  3. Ms X wants to reduce weight and improve her body composition, but she is unable to achieve her aim for whatever reason. Now that she’s noticed the body positivity trend, she’s starting to post about it. So you’re probably wondering what the problem is. The problem is that body positivity served as a transient source of self-gratification and relaxation. This did not, however, resolve the issue.


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Ms X still wants to lose weight and change her body composition (at least unconsciously), and this would continue to bother her and hinder her efforts. It’s very normal to want to change your body composition. You’ll look better with a better body composition, which is usually accompanied by higher health indices. As a result, it’s a win-win situation. There is, however, nothing wrong with being at ease in your own skin. Is it true that you are completely at ease?

  1. Criticizing someone for having a superior physique or criticising someone for working hard to achieve their ideal physique goals is not body positivity.

So, what exactly is Body Positivity, according to YVS?

  1. Individual Respect – Respecting individual diversity, accepting what nature has bestowed upon us, such as various genes, bone structure, skin tone, perfections, priorities, eating habits, triggering foods, bone structure, body fat deposition patterns, and so on.
  2. Avoid comparisons with others. Especially those flawless Instagram beauties. Two humans, in my opinion, should never be compared on any level. Many of them are genetically, epigenetically, and historically gifted, and they prioritise their physique over the usage of performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) or even retouching. Their physical appearance is none of your business, but feel free to commend them because they have worked hard for months or years.
  3. Not chasing that perfect Instagram physique at the expense of your health, social life, relationship with food, and self-esteem (although there’s nothing wrong with working hard for your goals and achieving them because improving body composition has its own rush because it’s something we do for ourselves and it can’t be ‘gifted’).


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What will YVS say to those who are self-conscious about any element of their physical appearance or features?

He’d tell them to accept and understand that some things are just human –

Cellulite is a natural part of the human body.

Stretch Marks – They’re normal. They’re human.

Normal Human Body Fat It’s necessary for good health.

Food cravings – ‘high-calorie food’ Normal. Human. PS: Who doesn’t enjoy delectable cuisine?

Hair on the body. Normal.

All of these things are commonplace, and everyone experiences them. There’s no need to feel bad about looking down on yourself because of this; it’s entirely normal.

What advice would he provide to folks who are serious about changing their bodies and embarking on a fitness journey?

Please don’t do anything due to peer pressure on social media. Accept yourself as you are, and if you truly want to begin actively working on enhancing your body composition and appearance, whether for yourself or for others, accept yourself as you are (if that makes you feel better about yourself) Quick Tip: Don’t do it for the sake of others; do it for yourself. Your bills are not paid by them.

Ask yourself, to cut a long story short. Do I want to improve my health or body composition?

'Real Body Positivity Is Misunderstood,' Says Yash Vardhan Swami, A Celebrity Fitness Guru

If the response is yes (even if it’s from afar), put in the effort. Allow no one to question you or stop you. First and foremost, how are you as a human being? However, there is no harm in having an attractive physique. It’s easy to improve your body composition.