Push Up Plank Winners : Fit Bharat Friday Fitness Challenge

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    Last week’s Fit Bharat Friday Fitness Challenge was a push up plank. Yes, it was a two-for-one offer, which meant twice the trouble! This activity had several health benefits, and health enthusiasts took full advantage of the competition.

    Continue reading to find out more about this fascinating competition and its winners. While some of you performed the assignment successfully, a few of you completely blew the house down with your precision, talent, flair, and pace. Congratulations to everyone, including those who think they didn’t win. When you decided to take on this task, you already won.

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    Let’s have a look at the winners-


    1. Rakesh Roshan- 1.40 min (6th May hamper winner so only certificate as per rule)
    2. Santosh K. Auji- 1.29 min
    3. Praveen Upadhyay – 1.26 min
    4. Akshay Upadhyay – 1.23 min (6th May hamper winner so only certificate as per rule)
    5. Prince Choudhary- 1.15 min


    1. Charu Saharawat – 41 sec
    2. Vandana Suresh- 38 sec
    3. Rutvija Shenvi- 27 sec
    4. Snehal Nabar- 18 sec
    5. Alpana Singh- 12 sec


    • Rajeev Goenka (45yrs) – 1 min

    Special/Inspiring winner and 1st, 2nd & 3rd winner gets Certificate & Fast&Up hamper. 4th & 5th winners get certificates.

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    (One person wins Hamper only once every month)

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