Malaika Arora Demonstrates Three Yoga Asanas To “Awaken The Warrior Within You”

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    Yoga has been shown to have tremendous mental and physical health benefits. Whether it’s about improving posture or increasing flexibility, yoga can make a huge difference in your life if you make it a habit.

    Malaika Arora, a well-known fitness enthusiast, took to Instagram to discuss three yoga poses or asanas that can help you find your inner ‘warrior.’ “You are a warrior if you keep fighting when everything in you wants to give up,” the actor says. Be a Warrior rather than a Worrier.”

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    Adho Mukha Svanasana

    Adho Mukha Svanasana, also known as the “downward-facing dog pose,” is a well-known yoga pose with numerous benefits. It tones the arms and legs while strengthening the core and providing a full-body stretch.

    There may be some joint hyperextension. To protect your elbows, press your inner upper arms away from each other. Also, align your ears with your upper arms so that your neck and head are parallel to your spine.

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    In this pose, also known as the Warrior pose 2, the front knee is bent and the hips are turned to the side, with the arms parallel. It stretches your hips, engages and extends your arms straight out from your shoulders, and keeps your gaze calm and steady on your front hand.

    Standing posture opens your hips while also strengthening and stretching your legs and ankles. Maintain your internal focus on mental sensations to determine whether your discomfort is caused by a physical need or a psychological desire, and then act accordingly.

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    Balasana, also known as the “child’s pose,” focuses on creating a moment of rest. The hips, thighs, and ankles are stretched in the child’s pose. It relieves back and neck pain when done with the head and torso supported. It also provides significant stress and fatigue relief.

    It can be difficult because it requires bending forward over the knees and compressing the body on the mat or floor. There are variations for this that can help different bodies relax into the pose.

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