Somya Luhadia is a Certified Fitness Trainer & Diet Expert. Her feed which would help you develop healthy and fit lifestyle makes it go to our top fitness influencers list! From 5 Minutes exercise to 5 Mistakes you end up making – she has it all in store for you. If you are confused about starting your fitness journey, Somya would get you on your feet and help you throughout. If you don’t start, you won’t be able to see the end. All you need to do is take that first step. No transformation can happen if you quit, so go join her journey and start yours!

We decided to get to know her lifestyle better and here’s what we know now!Fitness Influencer Of The Week : Somya Luhadia

1) How, when and why did you decide to be a fitness influencer?
Being an influencer was never the plan, but I had few experiences, few stories related to health and fitness, and what it meant to me and I just wanted to deliver and share my experience with people and tell my story so that they can take something out of it.

2) What is your favorite aspect about bring a fitness influencer?
The best part is my journey, my experiences, my knowledge and learnings have been in use to other people in terms of their health and being fit and when you see people come up to you with confidence and acknowledge how they’ve become healthier and even fitter and stronger – that is hands down the best part of my journey and being this “fitness influencer” as per se.


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3) What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learnt on your journey?
Knowledge and learnings should never stop. It should never come to an end. You should always keep on learning and keep on gaining as much as you can so you know you’ve never stopped at what you have, you keep on working on yourself and strive hard for excellence.

4) What is one piece of advice you’d like to give to someone looking to embark on their fitness journey?
Make health your priority. I know we are in a rat race and we are all chasing a dream but if we are healthier and fitter and we make health our priority, then we are going to enjoy the success we are striving for in the first place. Stay aware about your body, about the food you eat, the lifestyle you follow and the exercises you do. Make healthier, happier choices.

5) What’s next for ‘Somya Luhadia’?
Next for me would be my very own workout style. I am working on new styles and workout programs that could be fun and interesting to work out and along with that, some amazing recipes which would be tasty along side being healthy so that one’s health and fitness journey becomes easier, that’s what I’m working on. And of course, to encourage more and more people towards health and fitness – that would be my all time goal.Fitness Influencer Of The Week : Somya Luhadia6) What’s your go-to healthy snack?
It would definitely be a fruit, because I love fruits and that’s something I find very wholesome and hydrating, so any kind of fruits would make a go-to healthy snack for me.

7) What’s a day in your life look like?
I wake up by 7:00 AM, and the I start with a hot glass of lemon water. I follow intermittent fasting so I don’t eat by 11:00 AM or 11:30 AM. In between I have black coffee or coconut water. I directly have my fitness shoots and gymnastic classes followed up for the day, which would also be a part of the Marketing and Management in my day to day routine so there’s a lot of work that goes in shooting. I have my first meal which includes protein and fruits in any form.

At 1:00 PM, I have a filling lunch which is small in portion yet healthy and keeps me full. Then, I have my dinner latest by 7:30 PM, nothing beyond that. And of course, lots of fluids and water. Because my work is about fitness, I keep doing workouts throughout the day to shoot videos and make content. But I do take care of proper nutrition along with that.

Fitness Influencer Of The Week : Somya Luhadia

8) How important is your nutrition to you being someone in the public eye?
Nutrition is the most important thing and when I say that ‘What you are is what you eat’, it’s very important to understand that what I am is nothing just because of the food I eat, because that’s the fuel. And if I take proper care of what I’m eating, it helps me work better, be better – emotionally and physically, so everything is revolving around my nutritional intake.

So, it’s important to be healthier – whether its being in the public eye, or not being in the public eye. I would recommend everyone around me to be aware and know more about nutrition. Read about it, gain more knowledge, understand it thoroughly and then just go for it!

9) Can you tell about the challenges you faced over the years from just starting out to reaching almost 200k health enthusiastic followers on instagram and having your own app, GGT Fit?
The major challenge with Instagram or any social media platform is that you need to keep up with the trends, you have to preach fat diets, you have to come up with shortcuts. I don’t recommend them at all. I would rather preach long term approaches and goals when it comes to health and fitness. You are not here for shorter run, right? But I do have to keep with the trends and mould them into my kind of delivery and content, which eventually gets difficult. But I try to manage and balance it out, and come up with some creative ideas and aim at being authentic as well.

With the GGT Fit App, I was so happy to get tremendous response from the people who got amazing transformation results. We really got great success, and I’m very proud of my team who’s working really hard on it, and above that, I’m grateful for all my students who’ve become very important to me. I’m blessed to have them all. I want to take care of them at every point and second, and would never take them for granted. I love to take care of them when it comes to their health and being fit. I have been part of their life, and I actually want to be the best part too.