Fitistan 4-day Step Challenge – Results

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    In last week’s Fitistan Friday Fitness Challenge, you had to walk through your troubles. The overwhelming response to and love for this challenge is both electrifying and unnerving. It’s intriguing because it’s a fitness challenge, and strange because many people appear to have walked through their problems (*crying*).

    In a nutshell, the steps challenge, as well as the efforts of a couple of the top five finishers, were a success.

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    Walking for pleasure and wellness does not have to be limited to a leisurely stroll through the streets of your neighbourhood. There are numerous clubs, locations, and strategies available to help you make walking a fun and social part of your daily routine. And, thankfully, many people took our advice seriously; we’re simply grateful:)

    Let us now look at the winners-

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    1. Uttam Achrekar – 1,25,146
    2. Surinder Kanhaiya – 1,06,736
    3. Vikram Sethi – 86,245
    4. Anurag Dubey – 72,046
    5. Jay Trivedi – 69,954


    1. Rutvija R Shenvi – 2,29,827 (Only certificate winner of 12th Aug Challenge)
    1. Surekha Lynsar – 1,39,751
    2. Ria Verma – 1,21,072
    3. Trupti K Perekar – 1,18,230
    4. Srayassi Haridas – 1,15,628


    Kalpana Achrekar – 2,55,468

    Special / Inspiring Winners and 1st, 2nd, 3rd Winners get a Certificate with a Fast&Up Hamper & 4th, 5th Winners get a Certificate.

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    (One Person Wins A Hamper Only Once Every Month)

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