Fit Bharat Friday Fitness Challenge : Sit Up

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    Beep beep…The Fit Bharat Friday Fitness Challenge has arrived! Be excited because it’s the Sit Up challenge, sweat will be pouring down your backs. Yes, you read that correctly. The really exhausting exercise that will offer you toned abs as well as a powerful abdomen. Who’s pumped?

    What exactly is the Sit Up Challenge?
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    It takes two individuals to complete. One assists the other in carrying out the practice (and then they can switch roles). The one assisting the other must place their feet on the other person’s feet while they are sitting on their buttocks on the ground. This keeps the feet on the ground and provides support as they complete the challenge. The exercise begins as follows:

    1. The exerciser sits on the ground with the other person’s feet on theirs.
    2. They then lie on their backs, hands behind their ears, contacting the earth.
    3. The performer must bring their body into a sitting position and touch their palms to the palm of their helper, which they have held out for them.
    4. Perform the exercise for 2 minutes continuously, doing as many reps as you can.
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    What is the Sit Up Challenge?
    • Excellent abs : Do you seek further persuasion? The sit-up challenge trains the abdominal muscles by contracting and expanding them continuously. They become fired up, heal, and then morph into rock hard packs like Thor!
    • Better breathing and a stronger diaphragm : Who isn’t upset about pollution these days? You require more of everything, including the ability to breathe. So, here’s your one-stop shop.
    • Excellent thighs : Pulling your entire body exerts weight on your thighs, which strengthens them with time.
    • Friends who play together tend to stick together : Having a workout partner is one of the best emotions in the world, and having them while completing a challenge provides you an extra dose of drive and all the feel-good chemicals. Isn’t that far superior to melatonin?

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    Eligibility requirements to participate in the Fit Bharat Friday Challenge
    • Please complete the challenge and include your full name, time, and number of reps completed.
    • Use the hashtag #FitBharatSitUp
    • Once the challenge has been completed, please DO NOT FORGET to fill out the Google form link : 
    • Remember to Tag 3 People in your post (may be any of your friends/family/neighbors).
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