Fit Bharat Steps Challenge Winners : You might be one!

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    Last week’s Fit Bharat Challenge had you walking through your problems. The enthusiastic response and love shown for this challenge is both exciting and perplexing. Exciting because, well, it’s a fitness challenge, and odd since many individuals appear to have walked through their problems (*crying*).

    In a word, the steps challenge was a hit, as were the efforts of a few of the people who made it to the top 5.

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    Walking for pleasure and wellness does not have to be limited to strolling around your neighbourhood streets alone. There are a plethora of groups, locations, and strategies available to assist you in making walking a pleasurable and social part of your daily routine. And, thankfully, many individuals took our advice seriously; we’re just glad:)

    Now, let’s take a look at the winners.


    1. Rakesh Roshan – 2,11,535 steps
    2. C. V. Anurag – 2,03,751 steps
    3. Ravi Teja Ravi – 2,00,649 steps
    4. Harish Sharma – 1,61,319 steps
    5.  Shashank Mahalwal – 1,32,790 steps

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    1. Kalpana Achrekar – 2,29,064 steps
    2. Sandhya Pujara – 1,62,353 steps
    3. Archana kadam – 1,48,691 steps
    4. Sushma Panday – 1,44,400 steps
    5. Sunita Kadam – 1,36,495 steps


    Trupti Krishna Perekar (54yrs) – 98,922 steps

    Special/Inspiring winner and 1st, 2nd & 3rd winner gets Certificate & Fast&Up hamper. 4th & 5th winners get certificates. 

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    (One person wins Hamper only once every month)

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