3 Ways to Stay Active During the Holiday Season

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    The Christmas holiday season adds a new level of bustle and stress to everyone’s life, with the expectation that everything must be completed from a seemingly never-ending to-do list. In the middle of stress, it can be beneficial to keep behaviours that focus on your general health and well-being—even if those habits change over the rest of the year.

    With a schedule filled with Christmas parties and family responsibilities, staying active and maintaining a semblance of a fitness regimen may appear to be an insurmountable feat. However, there are several low-maintenance methods to keep active throughout the holiday season that can not only benefit your physical health but may also provide the mental respite you require.

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    3 Ways to Make Fitness a Priority During the Holiday Season 

    Use these techniques to keep active and fit throughout the holiday season. Even if you don’t exercise as much as you do the rest of the year, doing some exercise will help you.

    Make a plan for your workouts ahead of time.

    When travelling, preparation ahead of time may make all the difference. Take some time to consider your alternatives so you’re prepared for anything.

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    • If you’re staying with relatives, look for local gyms and see whether they allow visitors to use their facilities or offer day tickets.
    • Check with relatives and friends to see if they have any workout equipment you may use.
    • If you’re staying at a hotel, inquire about the availability of an exercise room.
    • Plan basic workouts that do not need a lot of room or equipment.
    • Look for local walking, running, or park paths.
    • Talk to your family ahead of time and propose going for a walk or doing something physical as a family.

    Make an effort to plan out your fitness regimen ahead of time. Even if you have to adjust it (which is inevitable when travelling), you’ve already committed to working out. It’s simpler to stick with it if you plan ahead of time rather than trying to fit it in afterwards.

    Make Exercise More Convenient

    If you’re unsure about your schedule or if you’ll have time to exercise, prepare for the worst-case situation. That may entail working out in Grandma’s basement without any equipment and with only 10 or 15 minutes to oneself.

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    Try these fast methods for fitting in a workout even if you just have a few minutes.

    3 Ways to Stay Active During the Holiday Season

    Bring an exercise schedule: 

    Make a 10-minute routine that you can perform in your bedroom. Choose ten exercises (squats, lunges, push-ups, jumping jacks, etc.) and perform each for one minute. For more ideas, see the Christmas exercises listed below.

    Bring resistance bands with you

    Resistance bands are portable and may be used for fast strength training anytime you have a few minutes.

    Move your equipment with you:

    If you have visitors staying with you, move your equipment (weights or bands) into your bedroom so you may sneak in some exercise at night or in the morning.

    Workout DVD:

    Bring a DVD exercise or try streaming workouts online.

    Wear your running or walking shoes whenever possible:

    You might be able to locate a 20-minute opening between folks napping or before supper for a fast walk or run. 

    You may even bring other family members along for the walk. Others may want to exercise but are waiting for someone else to take the initiative first.

    Make the Most of Downtime

    3 Ways to Stay Active During the Holiday Season

    Although planning and preparation are beneficial, even the best-laid plans may be disrupted, especially around the holiday season. Taking advantage of downtime—or times of day when people are relaxing, watching a game, etc.—might be the greatest opportunity to focus on yourself and get some activity in.

    That being said, if you’re feeling exhausted, don’t be afraid to take a break. Rest is also essential, especially during the holiday season.

    • Set up a game of football, tag, or hide & seek if you’re hanging out with youngsters.
    • Offer to assist with housework, snow removal, or leaf raking.
    • Walk! Increase your park laps, utilise the stairs, and offer to walk the dog.

    Try These Holiday Season Workouts

    The exercises below include everything from cardio to circuit training to no-equipment strength workouts. Save these to attempt over the holiday season, or use them as inspiration for your own routines.

    The most essential thing is to set reasonable goals for your holiday season workouts. Having a flexible mentality is essential during this time of year since you aren’t always in control of your schedule. Finally, don’t forget to prioritise yourself and your bodily demands (whether that’s relaxation or a fast run).

    While it may appear like exercising over the holidays is a lost cause, tiny bursts of activity throughout the day might really help you preserve physical and mental energy. However, fitness throughout the holiday season should not be a demanding or forced activity; instead, take rest days and time off to enjoy yourself.

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