This Weekend’s Fitistan Alternate Knee Raises Challenge

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    Fitistan Weekend Challenge ensures that you get your recommended amount of exercise each day. The goal is to keep your bodies moving and grooving to the music of life, rather than being sedentary! These simple exercises, when performed correctly, can help you stay fit and healthy. Let’s see what this week’s challenge has in store for us-

    The Alternate Knee Raise Test

    1. Maintain a straight back.
    2. Raise your right knee slightly higher than your hip level.
    3. Make contact with your right raised knee with your right elbow.
    4. Repeat this pattern 5 times on one side before switching to the opposite side. Repeat this 5 times more before switching.
    5. Continue with this exercise for another 2 minutes.

    Why do the Alternate Knee Raise Challenge? 

    The knee-to-elbow kickback is a comprehensive exercise that tones the hip flexors, quads, hips, shoulders, and arms while tightening the core and strengthening the glutes. This exercise improves stance, slims the waist, and strengthens and stabilises the core.

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    25th September 2022 

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    Fitistan Weekend Challenge 


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    Duration – 2 minutes

    Upload – Sunday 

    Please mention your total count of Knee to Elbow & post your Challenge workout video on your social media handles & share the link in the Google Form…

     Note- For people having lower back pain please avoid it.

    Eligibility criteria to qualify for Fit Bharat Friday Challenge

    1. Please complete the challenge and mention your full name & time or reps done.
    2. Once Challenge is done please *DO NOT FORGET* to fill the Google form….link 👇🏻

    1. Remember to Tag 3 People ( can be your friend/family/neighbour anyone ) in your post.
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