5 Things You Should Do Post Your Workout Session

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    If people started caring about their workout routine as much as they do for their skin, being sore would not be so daunting after all. Every gym-goer longs for a good session but the one thing they miss out on is giving the body what it needs. People have placed basically ending your body to its limits at the end of every workout at such a high pedestal that it becomes nerve-racking for newbies who wish to start their fitness journey.

    It is disheartening to see so many fitness influencers campaigning about “No Pain, No Gain” as the only mantra to achieve your goals. The normal public idealizes their standings on fitness and practice what they preach. Building muscle and losing weight is a lot more than those 1-2 hours you spend at the gym. In reality, it is what you do after which is way more important and essential than the workout itself.

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    Some tips to get the full benefits of your hard work at the gym with not-so-hard side hustles are :

    1. Take A Breather
      As much as you want to go home after a workout, take 5 minutes to yourself and do some deep breathing. One of the best ways to keep soreness or injury at bay is to not overexert yourself. It will help you feel your body a little better, improving your mind muscle connection for another day of a bomb workout.
    2. Stretch It Out!
      Is stretching necessary after a workout? If you want to feel lethargic in the days proceeding after a shoot-for-the-stars workout then no, it’s not. But If you actually care about your body and want to see results faster, then yes, it’s very important. Not only does stretching help in muscle recovery but also makes you feel lighter hence making the rest of the day feel like a breeze. For optimum results, use a foam roller as well.Some people skip this portion because it’s very “time consuming”, but all it takes is 10 minutes post a session. If you can invest 2 hours, you can invest another 10 minutes as well.
    3. Hoard up the lost fluids
      During the workout, your body perspires to keep the insides cool as a lot of heat is produced when your exercise. As soon as you’re done, fuel up on water to ease recovery.
    4. Eat
      “When should I eat after my workout?” It is recommended to eat within an hour as it is the stage where the muscles are hungry for nutrition and your body soaks the nutrients the best. Fill yourself up with some good protein such as peanut butter toasts or greek yogurt. Drink your protein shake right after your workout and do not wait for too long.
    5. Take a cool shower & rest
      As much as you’d like to come home and lay on the bed drenching in sweat in your workout clothes, it’s best recommended to change immediately and hop in for a cool shower. Many weightlifters practice the “Ice-Bath” technique for optimum muscle recovery. Prioritize your sleep and get as much rest as possible.

    While these are some tips for every day after-workout cool downs, your body should be allowed some full rest days as well. Do not succumb to unrealistic fitness standards and overexert everyday. 

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    Your body is not enrolled in a competition naturally, be your own personal best.

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