Regular Gyms Or Home Gyms: What’s Your Choice?

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    It is not news that the year 2020 took a toll on all of our lives tumbling various aspects of it to every nook & cranny. When it comes to fitness, 2020 noticed a surge in people ordering gym equipment at home and building their own at-home gym from scratch as regular gyms were not operational. However, when regular gyms reopened, there were a lot of gym buffs who chose to not return to regular gyms. Why? 

    The Idea of At-Home gyms is not something that was born yesterday, but it became much more prevalent after the surge of the deadly virus. People felt their progress going down the drain after the closure of gyms and felt that this was the only alternative, and they were not wrong. 

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    Here is a comparison of home gyms to regular gyms so that you can scramble through what is best for you!

    1. Convenience
      When it comes to convenience, the answer is pretty self-explanatory. An at home gym is obviously more commodious than regular gyms as you can put on our workout clothes anytime of the day and hop in the gym for a sweat session. Regular gyms might be located at a distance from your house, therefore needing you to create a proper daily schedule to include and manage that time frame in your daily tasks.
       Regular Gyms vs Home Gyms
    2. Equipment / Available Space
      Regular gyms have equipment that some people have not even heard of. They have every piece of equipment ranging from a 1 Kg dumbbell to plates and barbells that go up to 500kgs and more. A variety of machines which work every muscle in your body which is not possible for an at-home gym. An At-home gym is a basic alternative which can comprise of basic machines and types of equipment owing to the amount of space available at your house for the set-up.
    3. Financial Aspect
      Gym equipments are not cheap. That is why many people prefer taking gym memberships so that they can use different machines on different days without the workouts getting monotonous. However, if you are willing to invest in good & sturdy gym equipment, then money should not be a barrier.
    4. Social Anxiety
      A lot of people feel anxious when and around unknown or known people for that matter of fact. A gym is a very social place where it is impossible to predict the number of people that will show up on a particular day. If seeing others lift more weight than you, doing more reps, having more stamina than you, or just their mere presence makes you anxious, setting up a home gym is a better option.
       Regular Gyms vs Home Gyms
    5. Personal Choice
      Just like everything else in life, see what suits you best. If you are willing to take out time from your day and go to a gym with top-quality equipment 45 mins away from your house, do it. It all depends on how well you manage your time and your body goals at the end of it all. If you have a busy schedule and can’t account for a particular time to go to the gym, opt for an at-home gym.

    These were some basic comparisons of Home Gyms Vs Regular Gyms that you can ponder over while choosing what’s best for you and what is sustainable. Going to the gym may make you more accountable and provide an incentive to push yourself to do your best watching others do the same, or it might make you more anxious about yourself. Both have their Pros & Cons. In the end, the choice is yours.

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