10 Secrets Your Fitness Trainer Won’t Tell You

10 Secrets Your Fitness Trainer Won't Tell You

We’ve all been in the phase when we desperately needed a personal fitness trainer to help us guide through our fitness journey, and figure out what exactly is it that our body needs. Not only do they give you that extra push, but you also get the benefits of their expert knowledge and experience. However, it’s not just the trainer’s meaningful cheers that you need, but also the personal fitness regime that you follow.

Here are 10 secrets that your fitness trainer won’t tell you but are actually quite important:
1) In the following states, you are allowed/you should skip the training session:
– If you’re empty stomach – You will not have the energy to work out, hence, there’s no point wasting time when your body isn’t fueled, hydrated
– If  you have had only four hours’ sleep
– If you’ve had too much to eat few hours before the workout – You would have the energy, but you’ll end up puking

10 Secrets Your Fitness Trainer Won't Tell You

2) There is a big difference between pain and burn.
It may be difficult to explain to your fitness trainer what you are experiencing during a workout. It’s okay to feel soreness after a workout, but the pain or discomfort that lasts may mean you have an injury and this pain may not go away on its own. Hence, you need to better communicate to your trainer about how a workout affects your body.

3) Quality over Quantity
The maximum effort that you put in for 30 minutes is much better than the 60 minutes of dawdling and half-effort. There’s only so much that your body can allow. You know your body better than anyone else, so speak up at each session and your experience will be that much more enjoyable and exciting.

4) Eating Right
Along with working out, you need to eat right too. Your fitness trainer is not a miracle worker but they can help you with a diet plan that you could follow depending on your workout routine. They would also allow you to cheat on your diet once in a while. Discussing the diet with your trainer would also make you more aware of your food choices.

10 Secrets Your Fitness Trainer Won't Tell You

5) “It doesn’t look like you’ve lost a kg.”
Rather than falsely telling you about your weight loss, your fitness trainer should be able to criticize you and tell you about the changes they are seeing in you. You need honesty in order to course-correct. You want someone who provides positive criticism with practical solutions. So, if your trainer ever tells you that you haven’t lost the extra kilo, that’s okay. They are just being honest and you need that to push yourself.

6) You should begin to see results within 12 weeks.
You could be under the assumption that once you start working out with a personal trainer, you will see the changes instantly. Depending on your workout plan, the three-month mark can be a good indicator of how you’re doing. You don’t have to lose the motivation if you don’t see the changes sooner, but you need to know that your body is going through a change and it needs at least 12 weeks to show the results.

7) It is not necessary to have a fitness trainer on board for your fitness journey.
You can stay motivated even without a personal trainer. What you can do when you feel lazy is chose a fun workout that you look forward to. Be it Zumba, Running or for that matter, Yoga. The most important is being consistent. If you exercise on the same days every week, not only can you schedule around your workout, but you’ll be more likely not to miss it.

10 Secrets Your Fitness Trainer Won't Tell You

8) Watch your form and engage the core.
This is very important and most trainer miss telling about it. No matter what exercise you do, engage your core to the maximum and trust us, you would see the result. While engaging the core, you may end up with more repetitions that you normally do. Pay attention to the breathing technique whilst perfecting the form. A fitness trainer should guide you through that – and it’s a must.

9) Motivation is tough for them too.
The motivator also needs motivation to push ahead. They don’t always wake up and think about running the extra mile. You might be their motivation, and if your fitness trainer hasn’t worked out before you reached the gym, ask them to workout with you. This will give you both the motivation to reach your personal goals. In the process of guiding you through a workout, you both would end up going the extra mile.

10) You are the product for your fitness trainer.
They succeed when they see the change in you. They would get the real joy with you being fit and healthy. What you can do is show the same commitment outside of a session that you do during it. That would give you both the satisfaction.

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