Tamannaah Bhatia reveals her 1 super-effective DIY beauty tip using common household items in a Vogue video

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    Tamannaah Bhatia walks us through her mother’s rooted practice with natural products and her own winter skincare tricks in Vogue India’s first ever ‘Beauty Secrets’ video series. Tamannaah Bhatia has always adhered to a strict regimen of skin and hair care standards in order to maintain her skin supple and her complexion radiant.

    Taking ideas from her mother’s unbleached beauty handbook, the Bahubali actor’s not-so-secret weapon for revitalised and glowing skin is an unfiltered arsenal of time-tested DIY concoctions. Tamannaah Bhatia has naturally shifted to a ‘less is more mode of operation after years of being subjected to antagonistic synthetics and cosmetics unrelated to her acting job, and we applaud her.

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    Tamannaah Bhatia reveals her DIY beauty tips using common household items in a Vogue video

    The actor, who began his career as a youngster, has worked in four regional cinema industries: Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam. Tamannaah’s DIY recipes are as entrenched as she is, having grown up in Mumbai’s Juhu neighbourhood. As a result, for Vogue India’s first ever Beauty Secrets video, the 32-year-old walks us through her process in Hindi, with particular consideration for her Telugu and Tamil fans.

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    “I wanted to include something natural into my regimen after experiencing a lot of chemical usage.”

    Tamannaah’s simple DIY hacks, like the title of her new popular movie, always have a ‘Plan A’ as well as a ‘Plan B’ and can be adjusted to fit each and every skin type.

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    What does Tamannaah spill in her video?

    The actor begins a tutorial revealing her inexpensive yet effective approach to skincare by sharing an exfoliating face scrub remedy that every busy girl needs in her vanity. To prepare the mixture, combine a teaspoon of Indian Sandalwood (Chandan), powdered coffee, and organic honey. “I would suggest looking for raw or organic ingredients if you want your skin to truly benefit from these remedies,” she says.

    All of the ingredients in this mixture are dry in nature. “If you have dry skin, you can always add more honey and adjust the scrub as needed to cater to your skin’s needs,” Bhatia says.

    Scrub for a few minutes just to avoid redness or irritation, then rinse for ten minutes to leave your skin supple, softer, and smoother. The formula will also assist you in removing any dead skin that has accumulated on the surface of your skin as a result of long hours in the sun or the continual use of makeup.

    Tamannaah Bhatia’s basic beauty routine continues with the same moisturising mask she has used consistently since infancy. “When I was younger, I couldn’t use some creams since they affected my skin easily. Back then, my go-to ingredients were gramme flour (besan) and yoghurt (dahi).”

    Find a pal in these hero ingredients, as Bhatia unveils another secret ingredient from the actor’s vanity that will do wonders for your complexion. What is the solution? Rosewater. 

    Rosewater is a powerhouse filled with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory characteristics that can help you get rid of any redness on your face after using masks or scrubs. To produce the face mask, use the tip of your fingers to make a paste of rose water and besan; after mixing, add some yoghurt for thickness and added moisture. “For a cooling sensation and the greatest effects, try applying cold yoghurt or dahi to your skin,” the celebrity says.

    “Remember that the consistency of your mask is entirely in your control. You may make it thicker on days when you desire a purifying effect. You may also add extra yoghurt if you want it to be more hydrating or moisturising.” The best aspect of this project? It may be tailored to the consistency that best meets your skin’s requirements.

    Apply the mixture evenly to your face and keep it on until it dries before rinsing it off with lukewarm water. “If you wish to check for any allergic responses to any of these components, always remember to conduct a patch test on your hand or neck region first,” the actor advises.

    Allow these recipes from Tamannaah Bhatia’s all-organic skin care equipment to inspire you.

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