You’ve probably sat down and thought about what the secret is to Korean winter skincare beauty and how they’re never affected by acne or dryness. If you’ve spent hours browsing attempting to figure out their beauty routine, don’t be too hard on yourself; we did the same.

During the winter months, skin loses moisture and becomes dry or flaky. As much as we all look forward to the cold weather, it does have an effect on our skin texture, which is one of the things that most of us dislike about winter. When one’s face is dull and spotty, it’s impossible to seem charming and comfortable in big sweaters. This is when the Korean winter skincare beauty rituals come into play.

Make use of an oil-based cleanser

Korean Winter Skincare For The Most Supple Skin Ever!

Korean winter skincare is a bit more rigorous than summer skincare, yet it has been shown to be beneficial. A cleanser is an initial step in any skin care programme. In K-beauty circles, we often hear about the necessity of a “double cleanse,” although this isn’t necessarily suggested all year. Over-cleansing your face in the winter might cause your skin to become much drier than it already is. In the winter, use an oil-based, non-foaming cleanser to gently remove impurities without completely washing your skin and drying it out.

Washing with hot water should be avoided

You should only use lukewarm water when performing your cleansing. Hot water in the shower or when doing your skincare may take away excellent, natural oils, resulting in an uncomfortable, tight skin.

Apply a sheet mask twice or three times every week

Korean Winter Skincare For The Most Supple Skin Ever!

It’s not unusual to hear about Korean ladies using sheet masks every night, which may be a bit excessive for you, but your skincare routine should include a moisturising sheet mask at least twice a week. Nothing beats giving your skin an at-home spa treatment on a regular basis.

Regular exfoliation is essential

Exfoliation is especially necessary for Korean winter skincare since a buildup of dry, flaky skin may dull your complexion and can be difficult to cope with. Toners are excellent for gentle exfoliation.

Moisturize twice

Korean Winter Skincare For The Most Supple Skin Ever!

Finally, without a good moisturiser, your Korean winter skincare routine would be incomplete. If your skin still requires additional hydration, don’t be afraid to double moisturise.

Consider using a hydrating essence

Ampoules and essences are your best friends when it comes to replenishing and retaining moisture in your skin. Ampoules and essences are not commonly used in North American skincare regimens; in fact, many individuals have never heard of them. Nonetheless, it is a step that the majority of Koreans do.


Korean Winter Skincare For The Most Supple Skin Ever!

We generally think of applying SPF solely in the summer, but among the K-beauty world, a powerful SPF is worn every day, year-round, and for good reason.