Best Resistance Band Workout For Abs

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    No Fancy Equipments, No Weights: These Resistance Band Ab Workouts will prove exactly why just these bands, essentially anywhere, can prove essential. They’re perfect for elevating a number of full-body moves and great for taking your abs exercises to the next level.

    Oblique Twist
    This involves tightening your core muscles as you twist your torso from side to side. It is a great exercise for full-body mobility and flexibility. Face forward with your arms stretched out in front of you. Pull the resistance band across your body, twisting as you pull. Hold for two seconds on the turn, and then return to your starting position. Perform the movement for 12 reps for 3 rounds to target your obliques and abdominals.

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    Banded Plank Walks - Best Resistance Band Workout For Abs

    Banded Plank Walk
    Along with working on the abs, Banded Plank Walk increases the strengthening benefits for your shoulders. In this exercise, you have to maintain a plank, and at the same time, do resisted abduction with your arm. Begin in High Plank position, with the resistance band around forearms, or around calves, or both. Move laterally, moving hand and foot on same side away, then bringing opposite side hand & foot over. Take a few steps in one direction, then move in the opposite direction. Keep a straight line from shoulder to ankles throughout!

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    Bicycle Crunch
    Lie on back with knees over hips, resistance band around arches of feet. Place hands behind head and separate knees slightly. Extend left leg and bring right knee to left elbow. Switch sides. Continue for 30 seconds. This exercise forces your abs to work extra hard as you bend and extend your legs. Do 3 sets 3 times a week and you’d see the result.

    Banded Deadlift - Best Resistance Band Workout For Abs

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    You don’t need access to a huge barbell to practice your deadlifts; in fact, a simple resistance band is ideal for perfecting your form and building muscle. Place the resistance band under your feet. Take each hand and pull the exposed ends. Keep your back straight and hinged at a 45 degree angle, with your knees slightly bent as you would if you were going for a regular deadlift. With your chest up, brace your abs to stabilize your body. Engage your glutes and pull the ends of the band until you’re in a standing position, keeping your arms by your sides.

    Mountain Climber
    The mountain climber becomes that much harder when you add a little resistance. Incorporating a resistance band makes the move slower and more intentional, which helps build strength in your hips. Assume a push up position with a band around your feet. Lift the  right foot off the floor and slowly raise your knee as close to your chest as you can. Return to the starting position and repeat your left leg. You’ll get major abs benefits with this version of mountain climbers.

    Here’s how you can stay consistent with your workouts!

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