4 Signs You’re Making Progress At The Gym

4 Signs You're Making Progress At The Gym

The day the heavy dumbbell you once struggled to lift lifts with ease is the day you know you’re getting stronger.
The heavy dumbbell is and will remain the same weight forever, it’s your strength that increases making the weights appear lighter. But the question remains, is this the only sign that I’m making progress in the gym? Do I need to lift more than the person lifting beside me to actually think that I’m progressing?

The simple answer is no. There are few other signs, varying from person to person which may indicate an upward journey in your gymming realm. These include:-

– You look better
One of the most significant & visible signs of progress is your body getting leaner. All the hours and hard work you put in for your body and for your soul finally start paying off. Not only does this bring you mental peace but also makes a person more comfortable in their body leading to them becoming more confident in general.4 Signs You're Making Progress At The Gym– You are happier
Not all progress is tangible. The Internal happiness one gets when they are able to hit a Personal Record (PR) at the gym is unmatched by anything else in the world. You start feeling better about yourself and stop underestimating yourself. This ultimately makes you happier from within. The internal shine makes you glow from the outside.

– You have more energy
Practicing a good routine daily enables you to train your body for even harder things than what it’s already used to. The transition from barely running on the treadmill for 5 minutes to running on it for 15 without stopping is an indicator of your body getting better at using the stored energy. This energy is visible not only in the gym but also outside. You are more energetic in the mornings rather than lethargic and always look forward to the upcoming hours of the day with a good & positive attitude.4 Signs You're Making Progress At The Gym– You are motivated
Once you start going to the gym and enjoying it, there is no going back. When you start observing results and other small accomplishments such as a drop on the scale or an increase in muscle (depending on your goal), you push yourself even on days you don’t feel like hitting the gym. You start adjusting your timetable according to your workout schedule and start prioritizing it.

In the end, the best indicator of your progress is your mindset. Humans are naturally very unsatisfactory beings. If you keep unrealistic goals in your head, then it’s unlikely that you’ll ever be pleased & content with yourself and your body.