Here’s What Jennifer Lopez Does To Stay In Fabulous Shape

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    J.Lo. that’s it. That’s the grand opening of her phenomenal diet plan that has helped her stop her ageing since she turned 30. Does she look 52 to anyone? Me neither. Lopez believes that her nutritious diet is the reason she looks and feels awesome. Jennifer is presently focusing on a whole new venture, her cosmetics line, but one thing is certain: her dedication to exercise remains as solid as ever.

    We’ve learnt more about Jennifer’s nutritional habits and some of the guidelines she follows to remain so fit throughout the seasons. We know she eats organic and works out regularly, but here are a few additional traits we’ve discovered about J.Lo over the years:

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    Water, Water, Water
    Is it clear yet, or should we elucidate? Staying hydrated is so important to the artist that it has its area in her super duper diet. “She consumes at least seven cups a day,” her trainer stated.Jennifer Lopez HotIt’s a good guess that her renowned bling cup, which she carries with her constantly, is filled with water. Jenny has also eschewed alcohol and caffeine for a long time. “I haven’t had caffeine in years,” she admitted.

    Unprocessed Stuff
    Her trainer, Dodd Romero, has been watching her attentively for years and has leaked some delicious information regarding Jenny’s nutrition.

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    We’d can’t imagine J.Lo going grocery shopping, but if she did, she’d be looking around the boundary for healthy produce. “All of it is fresh. There’s nothing processed–just [protein powder] in a smoothie one day if we have a protein shake.”Jennifer LopezGood Proteins, Good Fats!
    Throughout the week, her major sources of protein are egg whites in the morning and white meat turkey, lean cuts of chicken, and grass-fed beef. She also consumes fish for omega-3 fatty acids and a “bunch” of nuts every day for good fats.

    Breakfast Favorites
    J Lo’s favorite breakfast is either a protein-packed shake or porridge that has plenty of berries. Strawberry, Blueberries, Greek Yoghurt, Cinnamon, Honey, and Protein Powder are among the ingredients in her favorite morning drink, according to People.

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    The actress is also a big admirer of lemon water to commence the day and maintains her hydration by consuming at least seven glasses every day.Jennifer Lopez FitnessSnac Snacks
    When we say we love Jennifer, this is what we mean. Her humanness keeps us grounded, what an angel! J Lo enjoys delicious pastries and delicacies in addition to nuts and nutritious fruits and veggies – after all, it’s called a rounded diet, correct?

    “We’re all human beings. “I don’t think you should berate yourself if you make a mistake or eat a potato chip,” she explained. “Everyone craves a cookie, a piece of cake, or fried chicken now and then,”

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