Janhvi Kapoor exercises her glutes to achieve a toned figure, and here’s how you can too

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    Try these 5 suggestions for the apparently unachievable perfectly formed glutes, which range from burning calories to increase protein intake.

    Janhvi Kapoor’s determination to stretch her boundaries and venture beyond her comfort zone is evident not only on the big screen but also in her chosen lifestyle. Kapoor has created a strong physique that will see her through intense training with consistency and dedication, and we’re here to support her. Her fondness for that one day of the workout regimen that masochists adore and others despise. Leg workout. 

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    Janhvi Kapoor exercises her glutes to achieve a toned figure, and here's how you can too

    Working the glutes has several benefits, including growing a strong, proportional physique and obtaining a well-shaped butt. The gluteal complex is the largest and most powerful muscle in the body. Strengthening the glutes improves not just athletic performance but also posture and makes everyday activities like sitting, standing, and squatting easier on the body. Here are five takeaways from Janhvi Kapoor’s exercise. 

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    Increase your protein intake

    For those in the back, including high-protein meals into your diet is the only method to create muscle and, by extension, a fantastic booty. Consuming a good and balanced protein-rich meal can aid in muscle growth and help retain muscle mass after strenuous exercise. There are several alternatives available, ranging from quick breakfast protein bars to protein powder that can be used to make pleasantly satiating smoothies. We advocate maintaining a little dietary excess. 

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    Concentrate on glute-building workouts

    When attempting to construct a toned and visually beautiful butt, it is necessary to concentrate on three sorts of motions. A squat, a lunge, and a hinge. Hip thrusts with a barbell or dumbbell are an excellent hinge movement exercise. Reverse lunges clearly benefit your core, glutes, and hamstrings. Finally, we cannot overstate the benefits of squatting. Perfecting this bilateral action, whether with body weight or a barbell, is your passport to a sturdy physique. It is critical that you remember to engage your core and focus on honing your form when completing these motions. 

    Go big or go home

    The hard fact is that embracing progressive overload in your exercise is required for such increases. When doing strength training, progressive overload is the steady increase in intensity, weight, repetitions, and frequency. This strength-training concept aids in the development of aerobic fitness and makes exercises more difficult while staying beneficial in the long term. It also promotes growth while decreasing the possibility of damage. So go ahead and put on the plate (the small 2.5kg, trust us, you’ll feel it). 

    The link between the mind and the body 

    The mind-muscle connection is defined by the simple act of actively being aware of the muscle group that you’re dealing with inside a movement. Following the correct cues and slowing down the pace is when actual progress occurs. As a result, increase your duration under stress while slowing down your repetitions. This conscious mental process is necessary for a productive and pleasant workout. 

    Accept the heat

    Yes, it will be painful. The heat in your quadriceps or glutes as you complete that final rep of a Bulgarian split squat may be the seventh circle of hell but consider the bright side. You’re one day closer to having JLo-esque glutes. We believe that soreness is a little price to pay. 

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