Aerial Silk Mastery: Jacqueline Fernandez’s Secret to a Strong Core and Toned Figure

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    Off-duty Jacqueline Fernandez is well-known for her preference for isolation and awareness in movement and everyday exercise. She finds inner and outer serenity via the practice of aerial silk yoga. She has created and moulded a toned physique with its exquisite, gravity-defying positions, and we love it.

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    Aerial silk yoga is a type of yoga that involves hanging a hammock or a silk fabric from the ceiling. It is also known as anti-gravity yoga or aerial hammock yoga, and it allows you to explore new aspects of movement and achieve deeper stretches by merging basic yoga postures with dance and acrobatic elements.

    Aerial silk yoga has the following advantages:

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    Core fortification and stability

    The core muscles must be continually recruited in order to remain solid and balanced when executing aerial silk yoga positions. The advantages of developing a strong core are numerous. Regular training can help strengthen the core, leading in greater posture and stability throughout daily duties.

    Flexibility and strength

    Aerial silk yoga engages and thereby strengthens numerous muscle groups, including the core, arms, and shoulders. Holding your body weight and doing postures in the air is a difficult and time-consuming activity. This can lead to enhanced strength and flexibility in the long run.

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    Coordination and equilibrium

    When doing aerial silk yoga, your coordination and balance are put to the test as you glide around the silky fabric and transition between postures. Over time, this will increase your coordination, body awareness, and overall balance.

    Decompression of the spine

    The hammock supports your body as you practise aerial silk yoga, allowing you to accomplish inverted positions and rest from spinal decompression. Hanging upside down or in other postures can help improve spinal alignment and flexibility by reducing strain and tension on the spine.


    Aerial silk yoga, like other yoga practises, highlights the need of rest, stress alleviation, and mindfulness. The practice’s attention required promotes mental focus, tranquillity, and clarity. Aerial silk yoga stimulates creative ideas and expression via movement in the air. Aerial yoga is a relaxing and enjoyable practise that fosters emotions of leisure and improves mood.

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