A Complete Guide to Aerial Yoga’s Extraordinary Benefits

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    Traditional Yoga offers numerous health advantages, but it is not for everyone. Aerial Yoga is an intriguing branch to investigate if you like a more dynamic practice. This gravity-defying Yoga style is performed on an aerial hammock hung a few feet above the ground. Apart from being incredibly Instagrammable, this workout has several physical and mental health advantages. Sarvesh Shashi, Founder and CEO of Diva Yoga, revealed secrets about Aerial Yoga and why it’s such a terrific workout.

    What exactly is Aerial Yoga?

    “Aerial Yoga is a hybrid form of Yoga that emerged in the early 2000s.” “It evolved from a combination of Yoga, Pilates, and dance,” Shashi explains. The aerial hammock allows you to easily do a range of complicated postures, both inverted and otherwise. It supports you while enhancing your flexibility and movement. It’s also worth mentioning that Aerial Yoga is not the same as Aerial Silks, a circus art form that combines dance and acrobatics.

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    Who it is intended for and who should avoid it

    While there are no age or gender limits for trying out Aerial Yoga, it is advisable to consult with your doctor if you have any medical difficulties. “Pregnant women are advised to avoid inversions, which are abundant in Aerial Yoga.” People who have recently undergone eye surgery should avoid this form of exercise as well because blood rushes to the eyes when you’re upside down. People with severe blood pressure imbalances should also avoid trying it,” Shashi advises. He also encourages people with severe arthritis and cardiac problems to continue with utmost caution, depending on their physical capacities.

    Aerial Yoga safety measures

    Any sort of physical activity, whether a gym session or a sport, carries hazards that might result in injury or harm. Before you go on your Aerial Yoga adventure, here are some precautions you should take. To begin, do not attempt it at home. Visit a facility with adequate equipment and a knowledgeable instructor who can lead and spot you as required. “Make certain that the hammock is made of high-quality materials and has been fastened correctly before you climb onto it,” says Shashi.

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    He also advises beginners to take it slowly at first. “Progress slowly with mindful movements while practising inversions, and stop if you feel dizzy or nauseous,” he instructs.

    The Special Advantages of Aerial Yoga

    Still undecided about trying Aerial Yoga? Here are some of the main advantages of this form of training for you to consider as you make your selection.

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    1. It alleviates spinal compression

    If you frequently complain about back discomfort, Aerial Yoga may be the solution to your problem. “When gravity is removed from the equation, it relieves spinal compression and allows for a sense of relaxation,” adds Shashi.

    2. Increases Flexibility

    Aerial Yoga allows you to go deeper into your stretches while also focusing on active flexibility. As you continue to practise this type of Yoga, your range of motion will improve. “It’s also great for stability and balance,” Shashi adds.

    3. Improves Mental Health

    If you want your mind to be as interested in your fitness journey as your body, try out different routines. Shashi feels Aerial Yoga is an excellent sport for improving mental health due to its moderate intensity and non-competitive atmosphere. “Also, inversions help with upward blood flow, which reoxygenates the brain,” he continues.

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