How to get periods immediately in one hour?

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    If you are really worried about getting your periods and want to know if you can get them urgently in the next one hour, the answer is simple, straightforward : NO.

    Even though a minor period delay typically doesn’t trigger any issues, it can be frustrating for women. But if the delay lasts for several months, it develops into oligomenorrhea, a diagnosable disorder. This may result in bloating, dry skin, acne flare-ups, and abdominal pain.

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    Its very easy to get worried when you have missed your period date and you would want to induce your periods or hope that you get them soon. Unfortunately, it might take more than an hour to get your period. But, you could get them faster by some exercises. Natural treatment works the best; having a proper, clean diet helps in more ways than one.

    Continue reading to learn how!

    Exercises For Getting Early Periods

    1. Crunches
      Crunches are very helpful when it comes to getting early periods. It helps in creating pressure around your abdominal area and therefore helps in getting fast periods. You need to remember that while you are trying to pull yourself up, your knees are straight. Repeat as many sets as you can for putting maximum pressure on your lower stomach.
    2. Squats
      The finest lower body exercise that can rapidly get your muscles to stimulate pressure and strengthen your abdomen and pelvis by applying a level of pressure to it is this core muscle workout. Make sure your back is arched straight and heels are not twisted. Repeat this 10-15 times for inviting your menstrual cycle at a faster rate.

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    3. Abdominal Twists
      Abdominal twists encourage blood flow and muscle contraction in the lower body. Once you’ve mastered the twist, you can use a medicine ball to make it more challenging. This exercise puts pressure on the lower and upper abdominal area, and can be effective to get immediate periods. You need to do at least 10 repetitions for each of the sides to get results.
    4. Lying Down Bicycle
      This exercise puts pressure on the lower abdomen and increases blood flow into the uterine area. Do this exercise rapidly at least for 10 minutes, twice a day.
    5. Scissors
      scissor exerciseTo get quick periods you can also try out scissors which is an effective exercise for toning the lower abdomen as well. Do as many sets as possible so that you put maximum pressure on your lower abdominal region.

    These exercises may vary from person to person. Before you take up any exercise to control the internal behaviors of your body, it is best suggested to have a discussion with your doctor first and to carry on with the exercises only under the supervision of a trained instructor.

    Yoga Asanas For Getting Early Periods

    Below are some yoga poses that can help regulate periods early:

    1. Camel Post or Ustrasana
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      Ustrasana is an excellent practice for controlling your periods and alleviating period cramps. It also helps to strengthen your shoulders and spine, and enhance your body position and flexibility.

    2. Baddha konasana or Butterfly pose
      Baddha konasana is one of the most effective asanas for menstruation difficulties. It benefits both women’s reproductive systems, enhances the circulation of blood, and stimulates organs including the kidney and bladder.
    3. Bhujangasana or Cobra Pose
      Bhujangasana is a beneficial yoga pose for the reproductive system. It also helps to enhance metabolism, chest opening, and blood flow.

    Other activities that can help get your periods faster

    Along with nutrition and exercise, here are some other ways to get your period immediately.

    1. Sex
      While it might still be a taboo, Sexual activity can cause periods because it helps compress the uterus and calms the vagina, and the hormones produced by sexual activity can induce periods faster.
    2. Hot Water Pack
      Menstrual cramps have been shown to be less painful with hot water packs. If you frequently experience delayed periods, you can treat them naturally as well. Every two to three hours, prop yourself up on your stomach with a hot water bottle or a pack. Before trying to do anything else, wait until the discomfort has subsided.
    3. Having Ajwain/Carom Seeds
      Boil one teaspoon of ajwain with 1 teaspoon jaggery in a glass of water. Have the warm concoction early in the morning on an empty stomach. Ajwain will not just induce your menstrual cycle but also relieve cramp pain.
    4. Eating Papaya
      How to get periods immediately in one hour?For ages, papaya has been used to regulate period cycles. Papaya indicates uterus contractions, and it is rich in carotene, which encourages oestrogen production, promoting periods.
    5. Gentle Massage
      A gentle massage of the lower abdomen can help start the menstrual cycle by increasing blood flow to the uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes. Because of the strain from the back rub, some uterine liquid might start to stream. The period might not always be the result of a menstrual cycle caused by hormones. Sometimes, a massage can help a bloated uterus.

    Potential treatment recommendations to get periods sooner

    1. Reaching a moderate weight according to your BMI
      How to get periods immediately in one hour?Menstruation can be affected by both low body fat and high body fat. Maintaining a healthy weight can help those with PCOS who are obese. This could lower testosterone levels and make it more likely that you will ovulate.
    2. Nutritional Therapy
      A dietitian may be able to assist a person who wants to lose or gain weight or has an underlying condition that affects how they eat. They can help a person maintain hormonal balance by recommending a diet that fits their specific needs.
    3. Hormone Therapy
      The use of a birth control pill that contains estrogen and progesterone has the potential to raise hormone levels, which can help prevent ovulation. In addition, studies indicate that it may increase the frequency of bleeding, make it simpler to manage bleeding, and lessen symptoms of PCOS, which may improve quality of life.
    4. Dry Cupping TherapyHow to get periods immediately in one hour?When hormonal imbalances cause polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), also known as cysts in the ovaries, this treatment restores balance to the body. This method of medicine is based on the idea that the body has many different channels. These channels carry life energy, also known as “chi” or “qi.” The person is in good health as long as the energy moves around. However, diseases and other health problems arise when this flow becomes obstructed. By creating suction, cupping therapy can clear these impediments and encourage the body to heal itself.

    Risk of inducing periods

    The menstrual cycle can be effectively treated with natural home remedies. Notwithstanding, assume you wish to actuate periods by upsetting your typical monthly cycle or are searching for a solution to how to get periods promptly to stay away from pregnancy, there are gambles connected to it.

    Despite their rarity, blood clots, heart attacks, and strokes are still a possibility. Women who take medication without consulting a doctor may experience these complications, especially if they are overweight, elderly, or already ill.

    The dangers of inducing a period through medicines can multiply if your period is late due to pregnancy, leading to pregnancy termination or miscarriages.How to get periods immediately in one hour?


    You can’t expect to get your period in an hour, but there are ways to ensure that they are consistent. Methods that claim to induce periods in one hour or overnight should not be trusted because the risks of side effects outweigh the benefits.

    But if you eat well, try home remedies, exercise regularly, and stay active, you can stay healthy. If you work on yourself and maintain a healthy lifestyle, with maybe a tub of ice-cream once in a while, your menstrual cycle may change in some good ways.

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