Gorilla Pose Challenge – Fitistan Friday Challenge

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    This week’s Fitistan Friday Challenge is unique and unusual, it’s the Gorilla Pose. It’ll be a lot of fun to perform, especially with your family and friends. This task will not only bring out your inner child, but it will also be beneficial to your physical health.

    The winners have a lot in store for them; there are three categories of winners: men, women, and a special category.

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    This week’s charm is the gorilla pose. Let’s take a look at how to do this workout and what benefits it has to offer-

    How to Perform the Gorilla Pose

    1. After a decent warm-up, stand in a ready stance.
    2. Take a plank stance.
    3. Bring both of your legs forward, close to your hands.
    4. Lift your arms at a 90-degree angle upwards and hold for a second.
    5. Return to plank position and repeat the cycle as many times as you can in one minute.

    Benefits of Gorilla pose

    • The continual movement and hopping work on the thigh muscles, therefore Gorilla position develops them. This will help you increase leg strength as well as tolerate demanding chores.
    • Improves stamina and core strength for greater performance throughout the day.

    Fitistan Friday Challenge Eligibility Requirements

    • Please finish the challenge and include your full name and time or reps completed.
    • Once you’ve completed the challenge, don’t forget to fill out the Google form at 
    • Remember to *Tag 3 People* in your post (they can be friends, family, or neighbours).
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