Fitistan Jumping Jacks Challenge

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    The Fitistan Friday Fitness Challenge begins every week. This week’s challenge will provide you with a smouldering physique, terrific pounding heart health, a sweat of pleasure, and an endorphin rush.

    The Fitistan Jumping Jack Challenge will kickstart your workout routine and leave you feeling joyous and cheery at the end of the day. Let’s take a look at what this all entails…

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    Jumping Jacks Benefits- 

    1. Improves cardiovascular fitness
    2. Leg strength has improved
    3. It’s a full-body workout
    4. Calories are burned

    Fitistan Jumping Jacks Challenge

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    • 8th January 2023
    • Fitistan Weekend Challenge 
    •  #FitBharatJumpingJacks 
    • Duration – 2 minutes
    • Upload – Sunday 
    • Please mention your total count of Jumping Jack & post your Challenge workout video on your social media handles & share the link in the Google Form…
    •  Note Anyone having knee pain please avoid Jumping.

    Eligibility criteria to qualify for Fitistan Weekend Challenge

    • Please complete the challenge n mention your full name & time Or reps done.
    • The challenge is done please DO NOT FORGET to fill out the Google form link – 

    • Remember to Tag 3 People (can be your friend/family/neighbour anyone) in your post.
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