Fitistan 21 Days Wall Squat Winter Challenge

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    An efficient lower-body workout that can be performed almost anywhere is the Wall Squat. Find out about the advantages of doing wall squats and how to do them right.

    Benefits of doing wall squats

    1. Wall squats strengthen the core and lower body: Wall squats are a good way to strengthen your glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps—especially your inner thighs—in a short amount of time. They strengthen your core by working your abdominal muscles as well as your legs.
    2. Wall squats aid in muscle endurance building: An isometric exercise, wall squats require the body to remain stationary throughout the workout. You’ll be able to hold the wall squat for longer periods of time if you practice it regularly, which will help you build muscle endurance.
    3. Wall squats are a quick and easy workout at home: Wall squats are one of the most convenient and efficient leg exercises. They are simple to incorporate into any workout routine and don’t require any equipment.

    How to do wall squats with proper form

    Start with two to three 30 to 60 second sets of wall squats. Choose a time that gives you enough time to keep up good technique throughout each set.

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    Step 1: Place your back against the wall and your feet about 6 to 9 inches away from the wall and your back against the wall.

    Step 2: Squat down the wall so that your knees are about 90 degrees in front of you.

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    Step 3: Stand firm on this foothold for the assigned timeframe.

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    Fitistan Wall Squat Challenge

    When: 10th November, 2022 – 30th November, 2022

    How: Perform wall squats and post your challenge workout video on your social media handles using hashtag #WinterChallenge & do not forget to fill the Google form. Google form needs to be filled once only.

    Duration: 2.10 minutes

    Note: People having knee pain/injury, kindly avoid this challenge.

    Eligibility criteria to qualify for Fitistan 21 Days Challenge

    1. Please complete the challenge and mention your full name for all 21 days.
    2. Once the challenge is done, please DO NOT FORGET to fill the Google form link –
    3. Remember to tag 3 People can be your friend/family/neighbour anyone) in your post

    Tag @thefitistan , @fastandup_india and @fitnessindia1 on Twitter.

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