Fitistan Diwali Challenge!

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    We’ve all heard that Diwali is all about Good triumphing over Evil. Here’s a slight twist on that. This Diwali, burn the bad fat that is making you unhealthy and let your good physique shine through. Fitistan launches a Diwali Challenge!

    This challenge consists of three workouts: jumping jacks, squats, and plank holds.

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    Fitistan Diwali Challenge!

    Jumping Jacks (30 secs) 

    1. Stand up straight, feet together, and hands by your sides.
    2. Jump up, spread your feet, and join your hands above your head.
    3. Repeat the jump and return to the starting position.
    4. Continue until the set is finished.

    Jumping jacks are a great full-body exercise that improves aerobic fitness, builds muscle, and promotes relaxation. This exercise also improves muscle endurance and increases the metabolic rate of the body and promotes weight loss. 

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    Squats (30 secs) 

    1. Place your feet shoulder-width apart.
    2. Bend your knees, push your hips back, and stop when your hip joint is slightly lower than your knees.
    3. Return to the starting position by pressing your heels into the floor.
    4. Continue until the set is finished.

    Squats are an excellent exercise for toning the legs and glutes as well as strengthening the knee muscles. You can expect to see improvements in your flexibility and balance if you do this on a regular basis. Squats are also excellent for getting the blood pumping throughout the body, which promotes circulation, eliminates waste, and reduces cellulite.

    Plank Hold (60 secs) 

    1. Begin in a push-up position, elbows under shoulders, and feet hip-width apart.
    2. Bend your elbows and place your weight on your forearms and toes, keeping your body straight.
    3. Hold for as long as you can.

    Including the plank in your workout routine aids in the development of core strength and flexibility. This exercise tones the abs and slims the waist, and because it engages and strengthens your entire core, it also improves your posture and helps to relieve back pain.

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    So, are you ready to embark on this daily exercise marathon? We are!

    How can I take part in the Fitistan Diwali Challenge?

    • Every day, post a video of your 2-minute workout from 11th to 31st October, 2022.
    • Use hashtag #FitistanDiwali
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