Alia Bhatt’s personal trainer, Anshuka, conducts yoga asanas to help us relax

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    We frequently feel the desire to relax and calm down in our fast-paced environment. We rush on a daily basis, and sometimes we lose sight of the clear line between work and life, causing the balance to shift. This increases tension and worries in the body, leading to a feeling of illness. We feel the urge to keep our bodies and thoughts calm as we become older. “A tranquil mind can overcome the world,” Anshuka Parwani responded. We all live in a fast-paced world, which brings with it the difficulties of stress and anxiety. High-stress levels can have both mental and physical consequences.


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    Anshuka Parwani, a yoga instructor to various Bollywood celebs such as Alia Bhatt and Kareena Kapoor, is well-known for posting yoga and health-related tips on her Instagram account. Anshuka offered a few yoga asanas in her last Instagram post, addressing the need for relaxation and calming the mind and body, and giving us all kinds of fitness inspo. “Movement of any type is incredibly beneficial and these Yoga positions assist to concentrate the mind and develop your body awareness, and concentration. Above all, Yoga reconnects you with the one thing that keeps you alive – your breath. “Come, let’s breathe, flow, stretch, and relax,” she said in an excerpt from her article. Anshuka recommends the following yoga asanas:

    1. Child’s Pose
    2. Side Twists
    3. Butterfly Pose
    4. Wind Relieving Pose
    5. Corpse Pose


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    Alia Bhatt's personal trainer, Anshuka, conducts yoga asanas to help us relax

    The yoga asanas shown by Anshuka have several health advantages. Child’s Pose aids in the hip opening, spine lengthening, and digestive system stimulation. Side twists, on the other hand, aid in targeting the sides, lower and upper abdomen. Butterfly Pose is well-known for releasing tension in the low back, hips, and inner thighs. Wind Relieving Pose relieves gas and bloating, whereas Corpse Pose relieves stress by triggering relaxation. “Yoga can assist with tension and anxiety by soothing the mind. “These asanas will relax your body and produce mood-boosting happy hormones, which assist to quiet the mind and reduce tension,” Anshuka added.

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