A Session With Yoga Enthusiast, Divya Ahuja

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    Let’s start with a little about Divya

    “Hello, my name is Divya Ahuja (Divine yoga by Divya), A yoga teacher and practitioner with certification.


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    • TTC – 200 hr
    • YLC – 100 hr
    • Divya Sadhika – 50 hours
    • Yoga Therapist
    • Diploma in three types of yoga and holistic medicine; Government of India certification

    I’m happily married and a mother of two children, a boy and a girl. I did prenatal yoga from the beginning of my pregnancy until the day before I gave birth. During my pregnancy, I even completed a headstand without assistance every day. Not to mention, I was back into practice within 15-20 days post delivery. I’ve taught and taken online classes both in India and overseas.

    PS- I now teach prenatal Yoga too. “

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    How did you discover yoga?

    “My journey started about ten years ago. I chose the normal classes of yoga because I was never a gym person. So, when I began practicing yoga, I began to see significant changes in myself day after day. 

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    Primarily, it was bodily, as most people see, feel, and observe; however, after you get into it, you’ll see some incredible shift, or should I say metamorphosis, intellectually and spiritually. 

    Yoga, as we all know, implies union. It comes from the term ‘yuj’. It will keep you calm and peaceful. In a nutshell, yoga is my life”.

    What compelled you to immerse yourself in the practice?

    “When I first started, it was all about physical health, and everyone used to compliment me on my practice and how I performed the asanas. But, slowly and surely, it altered me as a person, and the results were evident. I’d feel like I’m not the same person I used to be. That includes both physically and mentally, as well as spiritually.

    When I got in touch with my inner self, that’s where it all began for me, and I wanted to learn more about yoga. I wanted to learn and understand every part of yoga. From the beginning to the present day, yoga is a path of self-discovery…

    आत्मा से परमात्मा का मिलन This is how yoga works. 

    I’ve learned and studied about it. So many great yogis and their journeys have been written about. I chose yoga as a career because it’s the most lovely thing when your passion becomes your profession.”

    What has been your most significant impediment to discovering your inner radiance?

    “It was truly what others thought, I used to obsess about it way too much, then to make everyone happy, you end up losing yourself, your inner bliss.

    Yoga taught me self love. People will talk all the time but how you respond demonstrates your strength. That is when you will stop doubting yourself and concentrate on your goal. Allow your accomplishment to speak for itself.”

    Who or what has had the most influence on you? Who are your Yoga heroes?

    “Every day, I am inspired by so many people. To begin with, Mukesh sir has had a tremendous impact, my teacher.

    Baba Ram Dev has been an incredible influence, a yoga hero as he’s a great practitioner who has healed a lot of people.”

    As much as learning is vital, you can also gain a life lesson from a child. Again, someone who inspires me or teaches me a life lesson that is beneficial to my life can be physically (someone who is skilled at asanas), mentally or spiritually elite. Yoga Gurus-

    1. “Shiva first yogi Adiyogi”
    2. Swami Vivekanand
    3. Paramahansa Yogananda
    4. Maharishi Mahesh yogi
    5. Lahiri Mahasaya
    6. Mahavatar Babaji
    7. Swami Ram Dev”

    What is your favourite aspect of yoga?

    “There is no genuine favorite aspect since whatever practice, I do it with passion, love, effort, and consistency because I am entirely immersed in it, as I previously stated. Sun Salutation, Sukshma Vyayam, Pranayam, any asanas that are good for my health… in short, all asanas are my favorite part of practice.

    Yoga Nidra, deep relaxation Meditation is my favorite way to keep me mentally strong, calm, stress-free, anxiety-free, and at peace.” 

    Do you have a go-to asana? Which one is it, and why?

    “All of the asanas are favorites of mine. But, when it comes to my favorite asanas, Shirish asana is my favorite.

    One is the head stand, which, as we all know, has numerous health benefits. But what makes it my favorite? It was a long time ago, I was terrified of performing and even attempting it. I fell three times, and that’s when I decided to practice until I was perfect. If you don’t fall, you’ll never learn.

    I practiced head stand without support for the duration of my pregnancy, till the final day of birth. I can now hold it for a longer period of time.”

    What’s the best piece of yoga advice you’ve ever gotten?

    “The best yoga lesson I ever learned was to never compete with others, or to develop ego, jealousy, or insecurity. You should constantly compete with yourself. Always strive to improve yourself on a daily basis, stay inspired, and keep motivating and encouraging others.

    Look in the mirror to see how you’re progressing; are you better than you were before? Because the mirror never lies. Always remain modest and appreciative to others. Most importantly, you should love yourself more and respect yourself. Promise to improve and learn on a daily basis. Physically, psychologically, and physically, become more flexible.”

    Do you ever wonder what your life would have been like if yoga had not been a part of it?

    My life is incomplete and meaningless without yoga since yoga has completely transformed me (physically, intellectually, and spiritually). I can’t even imagine my life without yoga. I, too, am addicted to it. For me, yoga is a way of life; I’ve been practicing for the past ten years. It maintains a person sofren, peaceful, improves a person’s mental well-being, boosts a person’s bodily awareness, and is beneficial in stress and relaxes the mind. Yoga will teach you to love yourself, which is the most wonderful thing.

    What tips would you give to newbies?

    I’ll tell them to start practicing as soon as possible, and don’t believe I can’t do it or that it’s difficult.

    When people first began practicing, no one knew any asanas. I also had no idea what asanas were. Even when I first started, I progressed slowly and steadily with time and, most importantly, patience, dedication, and consistency, and received the findings.

    So get started, don’t put it off. 

    Beginners’ Tips and Advice

    • Find a decent yoga instructor. 
    • Pay attention to your body and decide how to respond. Don’t put yourself through too much. It’s only the beginning.
    • Concentrate on and focus on your breathing.
    • Avoid comparing yourself to others.
    • Make an investment in your health. If you’re healthy, you can accomplish anything.
    • Before commencing yoga, make sure you don’t eat or drink anything for at least two to three hours. You may drink prior, but only a few sips.
    • Dress comfortably in loose clothing.
    • Maintain consistency and regularity in your practice.
    • Relax and finish your yoga practice with Shavasana.

    It also has numerous health benefits. Especially when the entire planet is suffering through a pandemic. Yoga has even been endorsed by experts and the WHO.

    • It aids in immunity.
    • Excellent for enhancing Lungs capacity.
    • Helps in increasing oxygen levels
    • Amazing for your heart health.
    • There are a lot of excellent practices which are helpful and superbly effective for your throat. 
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