A how-to manual for performing your first pull-up inspired by Preity Zinta

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    Every gym lady is aware of the extreme blood, sweat, and tears needed to do her first pull-up. So does Preity…

    On her Instagram, Preity Zinta is frequently shown spending her free time ardently supporting her IPL team from the stands and engaging in strenuous exercises. Preity Zinta’s Instagram page eloquently demonstrates her passionate enthusiasm for yoga and rejuvenating outdoor activities like hiking and cycling as she partakes in them with a fervent attitude. The actress from Kal Ho Naa Ho has been posting pictures of herself using an aided pull-up machine, which is great for helping you gain strength and progress towards doing a pull-up by yourself.

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    Although women typically find it difficult to complete a pull-up, perseverance and including the correct workouts in your routine should help you master this practical action. To improve stability and control, one should concentrate on activities that strengthen the core as well as the back, arms, and shoulders.


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    Here are 5 exercises to practise in preparation for your first pull-up

    Bent over row

    The bent-over row is the best activity to learn when aiming to complete your first pull-up since it is a strength training exercise that primarily works the back, shoulders, and arms. It helps to develop the upper body strength needed for pull-ups. Regularly completing bent-over rows can assist to develop the back and arm muscles, which are necessary for pulling yourself up onto a bar.

    Seated pull-ups

    When you want to target the muscles needed for pull-ups, seated pull-ups are the ideal workout. It mainly exercises the shoulders, arms, and back. It is crucial to understand that sitting pull-ups are not a replacement for complete pull-ups and should only be performed as a preliminary exercise. So choose the difficult path and then reward yourself with a successful pull-up. By choosing a higher surface or adding weight to your legs, you may progressively increase the difficulty of the workout as you go.

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    TRX row

    The TRX row, also known as the Australian row, is a clever addition to a well-rounded exercise programme. It focuses on exercising the latissimus dorsi, rhomboids, and trapezius muscles of the upper back. This exercise works the shoulders, arms, and core muscles since it requires one to hold a steady and tense stance throughout the movement. By changing the angle of your body in relation to the ground, TRX rows may be modified to accommodate various levels of fitness. By lowering your body lower to the ground, you may progressively increase the difficulty of the workout as you gain stronger.

    Inverse pull-ups

    Negative pull-ups are a gift from God because they focus on the eccentric or lowering part of the action, which helps to develop the power needed for full pull-ups. The pull-up exercise promotes the growth of the muscles involved. Negative pull-ups can also improve your grip strength, deadlifts, and bench presses. To increase strength and endurance and get your body used to the pull-up actions, do this controlled activity frequently.

    Dead hangs 

    Exercises like the dead hang are as basic and uncomplicated as they come. It entails spending some time suspended from a bar. Using the muscles in the back, shoulders, and arms, helps develop upper body strength as well as grip strength—a crucial component of fitness. It is a highly effective method of decompressing the spine, which feels wonderful for those who spend a lot of time sitting or standing during the day. It also enhances your general health and sports performance. Dead hangs are an easy addition to any training regimen since they can be done by people of all fitness levels and need no equipment.

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