5 reasons, in the opinion of a dietitian, to stop using processed sugar

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    To learn what happens to your body when you stop eating manufactured sugar, read here.

    The thought of giving up manufactured sugar might seem intimidating, if not impossible. However, giving up sugar doesn’t necessarily mean giving up your beloved sweets. Stevia, jaggery, and even coconut sugar have all been shown to be better alternatives. But if sugar truly is that harmful for you, why go to all that trouble? 

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    In the words of a macrobiotic nutritionist, chef, author, and gut health specialist Shonali Sabherwal, “Sugar has no nutrients—it’s devoid of anything good it can do for your body.” The least of its drawbacks is the absence of benefits. Your body might suffer a variety of unfavourable effects from added sweets. “Over time, sugar will affect your insulin levels and lead to conditions like diabetes or insulin sensitivity, according to research. Your cholesterol may also be affected, which would have an effect on your heart health, she adds. Not just that. She continues by saying that if your liver is overburdened with too much sugar, it will treat it like alcohol and turn it into fat, which will lead to obesity.

    Sugar can be difficult and irritating to stop eating because of its addictive qualities. It’s possible that you’ll relapse and give in to your desires. Sabherwal offers some advice on how to permanently break your sugar habit. Increase your intake of foods like carrots, cabbage, onions, red pumpkin, sweet potatoes, and onions to acquire more natural sugar, she advises. Although it won’t be simple, it is possible.

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    Are you still debating whether to give up sugar? Take into account these reasons recommended by experts to stop using processed sugar for a better quality of life.

    5 reasons, in the opinion of a dietitian, to stop using processed sugar

    Strengthens mental health

    Your mood may change as a result of increased blood sugar. Your mental health may suffer as a result. Sugar eating can result in melodrama because of the brain’s tendency to become disorganised when it enters the system, according to Sabherwal.

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    Keeps a watch on your weight

    High-added sugar-content foods and drinks have been linked to obesity and unhealthful weight gain. It does not result in significant insulin rises if you consume stable glucose from whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. This assists in maintaining healthy weight management and regulated blood sugar levels, the expert claims.

    Keeps bones healthy

    Sugary diets harm your bones by depleting your stores of calcium and vitamin D. “Sugar causes the bones’ minerals to dissolve. You can keep your bones’ minerals intact and preserve bone health by avoiding sugar, the expert claims.

    Enhances physiological functions

    Your entire health improves when you cut added sugars out of your diet. According to Sabherwal, “It results in better functioning of all bodily processes, particularly a control on your insulin response.”

    Brings down inflammation

    Excessive sugar consumption is frequently the cause of chronic inflammation, which raises the risk of developing various illnesses. “Systemic inflammation is brought on by long-term sugar intake because of the dysbiosis (breakdown) of gut flora. Bloating, swelling, a rise in uric acid levels, the onset of arthritis, and the development of comorbidities are only a few examples of the symptoms,” the expert says.

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