Overcoming gym anxiety

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    If gym-timidation is keeping you from doing the workouts you want, don’t fret—we’ve got you. We tapped celebrity trainer Amanda Lee for her tips on how to overcome gym anxiety.

    But first, let’s look into what gym anxiety is and what can cause it.

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    “Gym anxiety can be when someone feels anxious or afraid of being judged while working out in front of other people at the gym,” Amanda says. “This is mostly due to fear of not being good/advanced enough and/or concerns about physical appearance. For example, someone may feel awkward, fearing that they don’t know how to use the gym equipment properly or that they are ‘not fit enough’ for the gym, causing them to avoid the experience altogether.”

    She adds that this anxiety can also happen if it’s your first time in a new gym. “Being unfamiliar with a new gym layout can make some people put off getting started.”

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    Here are Amanda’s tips for overcoming gym anxiety:

    1. “Hire a trainer, or watch YouTube videos to educate yourself on how to use the equipment properly, so you feel more comfortable.”

    2. “Get a hype man—a confidence-boosting gym buddy to join you and help you relax and forget about your insecurities.”

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    3. “Turn self-comparison into inspiration. Instead of making harmful comparisons to others, try making small self-improvement goals while being inspired by other gym members’ consistency and dedication.”

    4. “Get a virtual tour prior to visiting a new gym. This way you can feel more at ease and less awkward when you arrive for your first workout.”


    Lastly, she wants us to remember that gym anxiety is totally normal. “We’ve all felt uncomfortable in unfamiliar territory at some point,” she adds. “Try to remember that gym goers are mostly concerned with their own self-improvement and therefore not judging you the way you may perceive.”

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