10 Minutes Workout You Should Try Today

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    Want to save time and don’t want to invest it on workouts? Well, you are at the right place. Whether you work long hours, commute or have children to look after, finding the time to work out can sometimes seem nearly impossible. However, even just 10 minutes a day can be really beneficial. Try out this 10 minutes workout and get some more exercise into your day!

    Are 10 Minute workouts actually effective?
    10 minutes workout at a moderate or high intensity can be really helpful and can make a huge difference in your health and fitness level. Science has consistently shown that some exercise, even just a few minutes a day, is better than none. As long as you can squeeze a few mini-workouts into your day, it is still worth your while in your busy schedule.

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    10 minutes sessions can help in gaining muscle, boost your metabolism, increase endurance and assist in weight loss. Even at the moment you feel flushed, to clear your head, take a break, and stay on track with your fitness routine, these 10 minutes workout come in handy.

    And here you go with the Cardio Blast:

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    Note: Warm up with a light jog in place (30 seconds), then complete the following exercises.

    Jumping Jacks : We’re sure you’re familiar with Jumping Jacks. 30 Seconds of Jumping Jacks really gets the blood moving and the heart pumping.

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    For a more challenging exercise, just jump faster, and widen your jump slightly.

    Burpees : If done correctly, Burpees can improve your strength, endurance, general fitness, and boost your weight loss because it cranks up your heart rate and metabolism. 30 seconds of burpees is an efficient way to challenge your body and improve your fitness.

    High Knees : The High Knees exercise will engage multiple muscle groups including your core, hip flexors, and leg muscles, working your calves, quads, and hamstrings. High-knee running is useful for burning calories in just 30 seconds.

    Squat Jumps : This targets the muscles of the calves, quadriceps, buttocks and hips. It also targets the bones in the spine. 30 seconds of Squat Jumps increases your heart rate for a significant calorie burn.

    Push-ups (Traditional or on your knees) : There is no limit to how many push-ups one can do in a day. Done properly, it will tone your upper body. Doing pushups every day for just 30 seconds can be effective if you’re looking for a consistent exercise routine to follow. You will likely notice gains in upper body strength if you do pushups regularly.

    Once you complete one round of all five exercises, rest for 60 seconds. Then start over and do the circuit one more time to complete a total of 10 minutes. By adding fewer workouts everyday, you will feel stronger, leaner and more energized.

    Looking out for a bonus? Plank – for as long as you can hold it! If you like, you can swap one set of push-ups with 1 minute plank. This exercise is designed to be tough, so even 30 seconds is really good going! It surely gives your back and core muscles a workout.

    Make sure you drink plenty of water and do some stretches post the workout. Workout may leave your muscles sore, some stretching will give your whole body a little extra love and closure it needs after a workout. Fun Fact: Stretching will help you burn calories at a faster rate than you usually would and it will allow your entire body to lose weight better.

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