4 Yoga Poses To Help You Relax Your Nervous System

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    Regulation through yoga poses is not a state of constant calm; rather, it is the ability to notice and recover from heightened or activated states repeatedly. Yoga poses nourish your nervous system, allowing you to tune into your body’s state and build resistance while also having tools that can help promote a sense of safety and calm within.

    Pose of a child

    This is a simple but relaxing pose. It focuses on the back, which is where the pain is. Physically, this pose aids in the release of tension in the back, neck, and shoulders, areas where many of us carry stress. It promotes a consistent, even, and prolonged breathing pattern.

    Legs up the wall

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    This is the most beneficial pose for both the body and the mind. This pose not only provides immediate lower back relief but also successfully reduces anxiety symptoms. This pose is best performed in a quiet area of your home with few distractions.

    Bridge pose

    Depending on how it is done, a mild inversion pose can be both energising and restorative. It is more therapeutic and revitalising when the sacrum is supported by a block.

    Crocodile pose

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    This pose promotes relaxation and diaphragmatic breathing. It is also associated with calming the neurological system by inducing a relaxation response. Because the abdomen is resting on the floor in this position, the lower back and ribs expand. Tension in the shoulders and spine is released, and the pose also aids in the correction of poor posture patterns. It also aids in the regulation of blood pressure and anxiety.

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