Getting back into a fitness regimen after months of being cooped up at home comfort eating may feel daunting. But what if you could begin strengthening and toning your body in as little as 10 minutes every day? Possible. With these 10-minute workout routines. 

When you’re feeling stressed and busy but also a little restless, try a 10-minute workout—any of the ten listed below will suffice!—to clear your thoughts, take a break, and keep on track with your fitness programme.


Warm-up and stretch correctly before exercising to avoid injury and improve the effectiveness of your activities. This stretching and warm-up regimen should take around 6 minutes.

Booty blast

10-Minute Workout Routines For Those Lazy Restless Days

All-day languishing? This quick glute workout will get your backside going. Walter Kemp, nicknamed The Booty Builder, conducts this 10-minute workout booty-focused exercise that consists of a standing and on-the-floor squat sequence.

Low impact cardio dance

10-Minute Workout Routines For Those Lazy Restless Days

Ana Clarke’s dancing cardio class will get your heart rate up (while still having fun!). This high-energy, full-body exercise incorporates boxing, aerobics, and body-weight strength training and is suitable for all ability levels — no dancing experience is necessary.


10-Minute Workout Routines For Those Lazy Restless Days

This core training is an excellent complement to a stroll. Expect Russian twists, leg lifts, and basic crunches. Melody Davi emphasises appropriate form while also providing progressions for those looking to take things to the next level.


10-Minute Workout Routines For Those Lazy Restless Days

The lower body is the centre of this Pilates routine of a 10-minute workout. The good news is that you can do the full workout while lying down! But don’t imagine you’re in for a walk in the park. Marcia Meade, your instructor, walks you through a sequence of modest, careful moves.