“Why Am I Tired? Always?”

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    In today’s times, being tired has become a personality trait. While it is nothing to be concerned about, staying tired the entire day and missing out on plans with your friends is something nobody wants. A lot of the people on the internet glorify having a cup of coffee for breakfast as something that is acceptable, however, it’s not. This can be a contributing factor to your daily tiredness.

    Here are some explanations as to why you might be feeling wearied the entire day :

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    1. Little to no movement
    Don’t you think that sitting or laying on your bed should make you less tired? Staying put in one place for hours and not getting enough movement in your body can make you feel fatigued as well. Always make sure to get up from your chair/bed/couch every hour at least once and take a stroll. Sleeping too little or too long can also lead to tiredness.

    "Why Am I Tired? Always?"2. Nutrient Deficiencies
    Repeat after me, DON’T SKIP YOUR BREAKFAST! As much as we hate to say it, what you put in your body will have somewhat of an effect on your energy levels. Eating foods that are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and are balanced with fats, carbs & proteins will keep you fueled for the day. Eating too much of something will only have the reverse effects. While coffee is known to wake you up, high levels of caffeine can actually work the other way around and make you feel fatigued. Try to include every food group in your daily diet and see the changes.

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    3. Bad Air In Your Room                                                                                      Keeping unwashed utensils, unchanged bed sheets and wrappers in your room change the entire vibe of it. Psychologically speaking, if your room is clean, you feel clean. If your room is messy & dirty, you feel like doing nothing. A lot of the times people put everything on the bed and when it’s time to sleep they just scoot it in one corner and make room for themselves. This is also a big contributing factor as to why you might be feeling tired. The environment you spend most of your hours in should make you feel fresh.

    4. Screen Time
    Our phones are our biggest enemies but also something we can’t imagine our lives without. Not only are they important for our daily shenanigans but also provide us with what’s happening around the world. While talking to your friends & family on various social media and watching shows on OTT platforms is very addicting, the strain it puts on our eyes makes you feel tired. Therefore one should try to decrease their screen times as much as possible, whenever & wherever.

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    "Why Am I Tired? Always?"

    Feeling fatigued is normal as long as it’s not. Making little lifestyle changes that are within your control will set you up for a better tomorrow. Also, who doesn’t want to be spontaneous & impulsive and go out with their friends at 3 AM in the morning without feeling exhausted?

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