10 Ways To Get Fit Even When You’re Lazy

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    We all strive to get our dream bodies but do we put in enough work to achieve it? The majority of people do not opt for the “road not taken”, what they opt for is the lazy route. They try to find easy alternatives as to how they can remain fit without investing the required time and energy. But sometimes, the blame can’t be dumped on you entirely as the situation might be out of your hands.
    Staying fit is much more than appearing leaner on the outside. Having a positive attitude and trusting the process will make you happier both inside out.

    Here are 10 ways for our lazy kings & queens to get fit :

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    1. Walk To The Nearby Store
    Walking is one of the best ways to get in the cardio for the day without actually feeling that you’re even exercising. Grocery shopping is a daily/weekly ritual and walking to the shop can contribute to you fulfilling your steps for the day. Walking even 30 minutes out of the 24 hours you have in hand every day will bring you amazing results & health benefits. You don’t need to run miles for your body to see changes, every step counts.

    2. Youtube Workouts
    The reach of Fitness Youtubers skyrocketed in the year 2020. As a result, every fitness Youtuber started coming up with their own 10,20,30 minutes workout for their audience to try. All of these were mostly meant to be done at home which is a thumbs up for us couch potatoes! A lot of the routines were also bed-friendly. What’s better than getting fit while lying on your bed?10 Ways To Get Fit Even When You're Lazy 3. Phone A Friend
    We all do random things while we’re on a call with our friends. Some people pick up a pen and start scribbling on paper and others keep walking in their room from one corner to the other. Again, you don’t even feel it! Talking to a friend will give you the much-needed distraction you need to get all the gossip and the exercise in!

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    4. Compile Your Forever Favorites                                                                            We all have songs that get us hyped up. Whether you’re in bed lying down or in the car jamming to your favorite pieces while patting the car wheel, some songs give you the adrenaline rush you need to get going. Creating a playlist of such songs will get you energized and dancing in your room with the lights off will not only make you smile but also get your body moving.10 Ways To Get Fit Even When You're Lazy5. Get A Workout Buddy
    Being accountable daily for what you did or do is the arena where a lot of people are seen lagging. Having a workout buddy who will not only push you to do a little more than what you think you can handle but also make the process smoother is one way to stay true to yourself and your body.

    6. Use Reinforcements
    There are times when having no rewards at the end of a task is very upsetting. Having incentives pre-decided before indulging in any intensive activity such as going for a movie after you’ve completed these many steps or having a cup of coffee after you’re done with this 10-minute workout can assist in a much larger way than you can imagine.

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    7. Get Enough Sleep
    You are bound to feel lazier if you have not had a good night’s sleep. Sleeping for 6-8 hours on a regular basis will make you feel more energized in the mornings after.

    8. Do What You Love
    Don’t like going to the gym? Don’t. Don’t like running? Don’t. It’s not always necessary to do things you hate, because if you have a hateful relation towards something, the idea of doing it makes you prone to not doing it altogether. Start small, do exercises you like and find comfortable, and take it from there.

    9. The Internet
    While you’re anyway sitting on the couch, try following people who motivate you on the web and feel the rush. Watching other people put in the work and get results will only get you more excited for what’s about to come.

    10. Setting A Challenge
    Who does not like a little challenge? Start setting weekly goals for yourself either on a calendar or in your notes app. Mark a cross or tick every time you do something from the plan you’ve made. The inner peace that’s secured after striking off your decided daily deeds is unmatched.

    These were 10 of the many ways through which you can get fit even when you’re lazy. Starting small will only take you above & beyond and you’ll start feeling little changes in your body making you want to imbibe these changes into daily life.

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