Top Male Fitness Influencers That Will Motivate You To Hit The Gym

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    “Each new day is a new opportunity to improve yourself. Take it, and make the most of it.” Needless to say, Physical fitness is of utmost importance to maintain a proper balance in health and wellbeing; it is also directly related to one’s mental health. Nowadays, the fitness influencers are doing a phenomenal job in producing content that anyone and everyone can relate to, and for those of us who can’t find the motivation or are unsure on how to go about their fitness regime, these top male fitness influencers are here to help us out. Let’s take a look at some of these social media stars influencing us all to stay fit and work out!

    Puneet Rao (@_puneetrao_)
    Puneet Rao - Top Male Fitness Influencer IndiaPuneet, who started as a freelancer, is on a mission to introduce fitness to the world in the simplest way possible. This perfect Instagram sensation founded his own fitness training programs under the brand WOLF. If you are looking to get fit and reach your fitness goals, Puneet is here to help. “We all live in a world of instant gratification. That’s not the approach. You can’t build muscles faster and get slim quicker. Do one step at a time. Master your basics and then progress.”, says Puneet.

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    He believes in just starting! Don’t think about that one day, when you will start.

    Kunal Rajput (@subtle.strength)
    Kunal Rajput - Top Male Fitness Influencer IndiaHe is a Professional Fitness Coach since 2013. He is a certified coach with the Nike Training Club and the founder of The Movement, Mumbai. Kunal’s belief is – ““If You Put Your Mind To It, You Can Achieve Anything”. Along with physical fitness, Kunal trusts in the power of mental health. You need a break once in a while and it allows your body to regain the strength. Kunal has explained what calories are and how to maintain the required amount needed to function each day. He started Unlock- a virtual training centre, seeing as gyms and studios had been shut down due to the pandemic. Amongst other fitness influencers, he is one who understands his followers needs will definitely help you begin with your fitness journey.

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    Bikash Barua (@bikash_mma )
    Bikash Barua - Top Male Fitness Influencer IndiaBikash Barua has been into kickboxing for over 20 years. Since childhood he has been learning various forms of martial arts and has been professionally teaching kickboxing to many celebrities across India. He has a unique style of fitness where he combined functional training with kickboxing to keep people entertained and engaged during their training. He is the founder of Tribal Combat Fitness Pro and they have recently started with Turf Trainings that one would definitely enjoy. They also host self defense trainings to empower women to a life of dignity and self respect. The motivation he provides you with while working out makes him to the list of top fitness influencers.

    Tridev Pandey (@tridevpandey )
    Tridev Pandey - Top Male Fitness Influencer IndiaAccording to Tridev, as a professional fitness coach and trainer, the most powerful tool that exists is your own body. He trains celebrities and is a Boxer, Professional Athlete and Crossfitter. He is known for perfectly blending the right exercise and training you the right way. He is the founder of Nice&Easy Fitness Studio where people go to be the Fittest Version of themselves. Check him out and get motivated to begin with your journey to loving yourself in your own way!

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    Vivek Mittal (@fittuber )

    Fit Tuber - Top Male Fitness Influencer India“Fitness doesn’t necessarily mean making bulky muscles. To me, it is to stay healthy and feel good about our bodies. I am not the fittest person,  but I try to stay on track and constantly learn new things on the way.”, says Vivek. Via his YouTube channel, Vivek has now become a leading personality in the fitness sphere. What matter is feeling good about yourself, weight loss will follow (if that’s what you aim at). He has done various videos on weight loss, healthy recipes, protecting oneself from harmful chemicals used in day-to-day products, and other topics that are fitness, yoga & health-related. 110% recommended fitness influencer.

    Yash Vardhan Swami (@trainedbyyvs )
    YVS - Top Male Fitness Influencer IndiaYash helps you solve problems that arrive with fat-loss along with being a transformation and health coach. The best transformation results don’t show in pictures, but in real life. Isn’t that what all fitness influencers should aim at? According to him, the first transformation needs to be in the mind. With his transformation program team, they aim at changing lives in a positive way. Don’t let anyone stop you or question you. And his tip could help you move on towards having a fit lifestyle – “Screw others, do it for yourself. They do not pay your bills.” A healthy body results in a healthy and delighted life. Yash’s large understanding of physical fitness and efficient outcomes will make him your favorite influencer.

    Rohit Khatri (@rohitkhatrifitness)
    Rohit Khatri - Top Male Fitness Influencer IndiaRohit is a sports science nutritionist with 480k Instagram followers who believe in his fitness regime and get motivated by him. His posts on social media inspire youngsters to start their own fitness journey and take better care of their health. Rohit has spent past 4 years to find his way to a healthy lifestyle and achieved his goals. According to him, “You should put a huge focus on your diet because nutrition plays an important role in transformation. If you’ll not take the proper nutrition then transformation is impossible, only workout cannot lead you to your desired goals.” Changes begin in your mind, and Rohit will help you find your aim.

    So, what now? Are you renewing that gym membership or what!

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